Dear Ones,

A new album to enjoy over a cup of tea, or in a contemplative mood.

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Hi dear ones,

Please, enjoy this music. It is available as a free download or you can choose to make a contribution. Very meditative and peaceful, with a few upbeat tracks 😉 Zen, bamboo, bansuri… all for you.

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Love is Awakening

dining hall

For the most part, there is not very much happening. The clouds drift across the sky, the river meanders to the Ocean. And the song of the Ocean is an endless lullaby, the divine breath that carries the infinitesimal movements of countless beings. This vast, teeming emptiness is that silent, all-pervasive consciousness that we ourselves are. Limits only exist within the limitless. There is only this invitation to surrender to this, your own Presence, timeless, carefree, witness to all that is…

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~~ Om shanti shanti shanti om ~~

The Wheeling Hermit


The Sun Hermit exists in every moment, veiled or revealed, because you are the Sun Hermit. The Sun Hermit sees through your eyes. The Sun Hermit touches with your fingers and feels with your heart.

When the great revelation came, there was trouble in the hearts of men. The kingdom shook, walls quaked, mothers huddled with their children in cellars with dingy lights. But this all passed. Daylight broke, rainbows and unicorns fell glistening from the sky and all could see that beatific face in the clouds, smiling in all its splendor. And then what?

In the Gene Keys Golden Path transmission, Richard speaks of two paths: the fire eye and the water-course way. The fire eye is the path of the seeker, always yearning for the next summit, dreaming of greater heights. What happens after the ecstasy, after realization, after enlightenment? Isn’t every high just followed by another low? These are the shadows of the fire eye. How to attain a permanent high, high after high, higher and higher? The fire eye is at odds with the laws of nature, and this is the essence of constriction and limitation: to feel life itself as a binding of the spirit.

And yet, the spirit is life. Life is spirit. These waves of highs and lows are not separate, only two manifestations of one whole, united in the third principle–love. To love is to follow the water-course way. Love strives without striving. Love moves towards depth, naturally, not as a seeking. Love loves to settle. Love loves to come home. Love is a home-coming. When you love, you come home to yourself. The love of the fire eye aims for the ecstatic fire-works of romance and sex and skydiving–the love of the watercourse way is the love of the hearth, the love of the grandfather and grandmother for their grandchildren, it is the love that rises and falls on the breath and unites us in deep relaxation.

This love has no aim. It is complete unto itself. It does not seek anything external to itself. It is happy to simply express itself. It doesn’t need to trick you. It has no agenda, no ulterior motive. It is bountiful. To simply sit together, in this love, is the greatest joy. And it deepens, it settles. It reveals blocks and resistances that stand in the way of its deepening. But this love is not here to wage war or pass judgment. Its very nature is to erode these resistances. Even this great work, the greatest work, is effortless. Perhaps it does not seem that way, because the work can be uncomfortable. Because the fire eye will start looking for a way out, or just for something to do, a way to sweep these things back under the rug. Sometimes we will start practicing, start working, as a way to avoid allowing the work to be done. But even that is OK. It will be seen, it will be understood, it will be let go of. This is the way the water-course speaks. It’s all OK. Your resistances are OK. Your fear is OK. Even the deepest depths of your ignorance and reaction are OK. They are held, they are embraced, they dissolve. And your image of yourself dissolves. Now what is left?

Fresh growth. Grass. Trees after a good rain. The spaciousness of a forest that has been through a healthy fire. Love is fire and love is water. It spreads like wild-fire and moves like water. Love is a fire in slow-motion.

So what then? “Now that we’ve found love what are we going to do with it?” We are love. We, all of us, are love. Love doesn’t even need to be shared, because it is already everywhere. Love doesn’t need to do, it can just be. And in this being is all doing, all seeing, all revealing, all sharing. Love may appear to move, to aid, to work miracles. But this is all just appearances, because love is being and everything is love. How can the One do anything to itself? The One just is what it is, eternally and perfectly. But in this everything plays out, every drama, every tragedy, every miracle. This is just an invitation to let go completely, and know that your being is enough. Has always been enough. Will ever be enough. And when the mind and the appearances become overwhelming, just close your eyes, return to being. It is still there. It is still enough. It will always be enough. And what then? “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round…”

The wheels of love.

In the elections of your heart, vote for love. Don’t vote for the limitations of the person. Don’t vote for opinions and judgments. Don’t vote for the fire eye, with its overcoming and victory. Vote for the water-course way, which transcends loss and gain, which is the Tao, which is your pure being, unsullied by the dualities of the world. Vote for being love, not loving and losing, but being the immortal love which is everywhere and everyone. Vote for understanding. Vote for grace.

The morning ripens into day. The sun lifts itself high into the sky and illuminates all the lands. The farmers go to work, pushing wheelbarrows across the fertile soil. Children run along to school, enjoying the journey and forgetting the destination. Incense wafts from behind the temple walls. The world unfolds and unfurls, the great dance of life as beings are born, age, and die. A moment of eternity.

Here now is an opening to sit in the center of this dance, to be the axis around which everything revolves and know your own stillness, your eternity. A moment to see the seeing itself. To bear witness to witnessing. Who am I? What is my place in this vastness? Right here, right now, I am.

Who am I? What is my place in this vastness?

Right here, right now, I am.

hare ram!