Hello world, and welcome to the morning.

My name is Tom, and I would like to share a vision with you. My vision is of a world united in freedom and peace. A world in which humanity is the responsible steward of Spaceship Earth. A world in which every moment is seized as an opportunity to realize our collective dreams.

A vision is different from a fantasy. A fantasy is a distraction which keeps us from seeing reality as it is. A vision is the recognition of a reality which already exists. A vision is not about a final solution, nor is it about success and failure. A vision is about getting swept up in a wave that makes us come truly, fully alive.

The Sun Hermit is an experiment in service to this vision.

The Sun Hermit begins life as a blog. It is intended as a social hub. A gateway to potential connections and collaborations, a map to new resources for growth and illumination. The Sun Hermit is intended as a multi-media explosion, a field recording of a brave new world’s birth pangs.

I put forward this hypothesis: we do not need to force a new world into being. We only need to behave as though it is already here, relax into its loving embrace, and we will find that it responds to catch us. No amount of rationalization or observation will prove this hypothesis. It requires a leap of faith.

Through this blog, I intend to share travel stories and profiles of contemporary heroes. I would also like to share art, writing and music which is suffused with the spirit of unity, adventure and freedom.

Through the Sun Hermit, I hope to empower myself to share my gifts with the world. I have a vision of a world in which we thrive by sharing our gifts with one another, freed from the limitations of judgment and bartering. The Sun Hermit is my avenue to fearlessness and unconditional love.

All are welcome to the world of the Sun Hermit. Let us enjoy his gifts fearlessly—without feeling indebted. It is only under the shower of gifts that our own banks may begin to overflow.

There is nothing more beautiful.


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