Sacred Geometry: New Beginnings

This image transmits the feeling I get from sacred geometry. It feels like revelation in the most innocent and pure way. The beauty of sacred geometry is that it doesn’t have much to say. The same way a flower doesn’t have much to say. It opens for the bee, who instinctively draws out the nectar. It speaks in a language that is clear and pristine.

I feel that sacred geometry is the true higher learning. Really, it’s a sort of unlearning. Our modern world view is that life is a precarious balance which we must strive to maintain. Sacred geometry teaches that the essence of life is balance and harmony. Sacred geometry shows us the energetic blueprint which guides all of life in perfect fractal patterns. Contemplating these forms begins to dissolve the gap between the personal and the impersonal. Between emptiness and form.


4 thoughts on “Sacred Geometry: New Beginnings”

  1. I find your term sacred geometry interesting. My high school math teacher used to say that if you studied math in its highest forms, it was like math and poetry and art and you could uncover the secrets of the universe and so I was like, “I’m going to study math!” I loved poetry and art and wanted in on those secrets, so I did major in math in college. Loved geometry, planar Euclidean and the new spherical college geometry I learned where you study geometry not based on things existing on planes and as straight lines, but geometry based on lines that curve around a sphere. All very interesting, but I discovered my little brain, which I’d thought so smart, was nothing compared to some of my classmates, who worked on equations and proofs in their spare time for fun and really understood things, rather than trying to memorize and eek by as I was! So I never got to that ‘sacred’ place with math. Jealous of Einstein and all those who have been able to more nearly approach it.

    1. It seems like a common idea in our culture that genius and the experience of ‘sacredness’ are about complexity and skill. I feel that the sacred place of math and geometry, or of anything, is at the essence, the fundamentals, in simplicity. In the field of wonder and mystery. What is a point? What is harmony? The dance of form and chaos, light and shadow, dazzling complexity along the path of least effort…

      I feel we touch the sacred through the heart, not through the mind. The mind takes us on a journey, we get captivated and surrender, but that space of sacredness is the heart opening when we realize the beautiful simplicity of it all, that the mystery is the revelation 🙂

      The open secret, which is simply to realize that you are life, in all its glory!

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