In the eyes of a dog, perhaps you can see eternity. You can see looking without searching. You can see love without needing. No push/pull, just attentive awareness, readiness. Even when Sydney is searching, he is already there. Even when he is begging, he is satisfied. When he wags his tail he is excited, when he barks he is on guard, when he licks he is approving. Behind it all is perpetual motion, the ceaseless flow of energy which doesn’t bother to be aware of itself. When we say “good boy!” or discipline him, we are the fools. We project our own egos onto a canvas which is ecstatically blank. Sydney flows along the lines of our energy. He cowers with our fear, he barks with our anticipation, he lies with our sleepiness. In our presence, he is presence. He is a blank stare that is full of love, because love does not belong to us. Love is the field.

Sydney is the field. When I take pictures of Sydney, it captures the movements of an enlightened one. The message is in the silence.


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