The Sun Hermit Speaks


Following the inspiration of a fellow blogger, I decided to ask the Sun Hermit some questions. Here are my questions and his answers. If you have any questions of your own, feel free to post them in the comments section. 


Q: What is love?

A: Love is. Don’t look for love. Don’t single anything out as love. Love isn’t something special. Special means uncommon, rare. It means impermanent. Love is the most mundane, like the dirt under your feet. Love is like air, like water. It’s so common that you take it for granted.

You want to look for love. You don’t want to admit that it’s right there, right in front of you, all around you. You don’t want to admit that it’s so plain and obvious and boring. You’d rather look for love than know that love can never be lost. But you do know. It’s the simplest thing in the world.


Q: What is evil?

A: Evil is something that appears when you live in illusions. You see evil when your illusions catch up with you. You see evil when your illusions are threatened. Evil is what you believe lives behind your illusions, and that’s why you cling to them so desperately. Evil is your fear of existence and your fear of your power.

Your story can’t exist without evil, because your story needs fighting. When the fighting leaves, evil leaves and your story begins to unravel. That’s all there is to it.


Q: Is there a purpose to existence?

A: Would you like there to be a purpose? What would it mean if there were a purpose? It would mean that you either have to surrender or rebel. If you surrender, you give up your free will. Without your free will, what are you? Your essence and your beauty lie in your freedom.

If you rebel, you damn yourself. If there is a purpose and you don’t realize it, how can you expect to be happy or fulfilled? You will have your freedom but only as the pale shadow of your unrealized purpose.

What would it mean if there were no purpose? It means you have your freedom, but your freedom becomes meaningless.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your cake and eat it too? Let your actions flow naturally and the question will fall away.


Q: Why is there suffering?

A: Where there is a story there is bound to be suffering. You try to fit suffering into your story because you’d rather keep the story going than be free of your suffering.

And that’s why there’s suffering.


Q: How can we be free of suffering?

A: You are already free of suffering. Insight means to see what is already true. Those who love only Truth see only Truth.


Q: Who are you? 

A: Is there any question that has created more suffering? “Who am I?” is the cross you carry though nobody forces you to do so. “Who are you?” is the cross you hang your beloved on. “WHO” is an empty syllable. The question is a broken record playing in a haunted attic.

I am not here to take away your not knowing. Your not knowing is your knowing. How could it be otherwise? Isn’t it true that you have never been satisfied by belief? Satisfaction can only come through not knowing.


Sacred Geometry: The Field

Dancing With the LightThese images focus on sacred geometry as an underlying field. The field allows for deviations, chaos, and experimentation, but always pulls things back to equilibrium. Here we have a play of light and color, clarity and mist, presence and absence… as well as a hint of the fractal nature of sacred geometry.

The beauty of the field is that it represents emptiness. The only way to represent nothingness through symbols is to put them in perfect harmony, so that they cancel one another out. This is the field of sacred geometry: it is the purest simplicity and equality. Within it, we recognize forms–the eye and the flower are the most obvious.

The lessons are clear and beautiful. On the field of emptiness, we find unity, peace and stillness. Every aspect is perfectly placed and unique, and a mirror image of the whole. Moreover, emptiness is form. Existence is complete and exquisite: an eye adoring a flower.

Sacred Geometry: Genesis

“What about grace?” was the question. Isn’t it true that in Buddhism, we are told to cultivate enlightenment without seeking help from above? Isn’t it also true that Christianity teaches us that salvation is impossible without the grace of God? Doesn’t this represent an irreconcilable difference between Buddhism and Christianity?

“Every moment is grace!” replied the monk. “This is grace!”

In the Bible, we read that God created the world in seven days. Many have tried to put a date on Creation, have tried to reconcile this information with the new scientific worldview.

From the perspective of sacred geometry, every moment is Creation. The patterns of Creation play out everywhere, always. Every cell is a Universe. Consciousness resides everywhere. Life itself is nothing but consciousness.

Intelligence is not a freak accident of life; it is life becoming aware of itself, arriving at eternal truths about itself.

The forms of sacred geometry pay homage to this reality.