Sacred Geometry: Genesis

“What about grace?” was the question. Isn’t it true that in Buddhism, we are told to cultivate enlightenment without seeking help from above? Isn’t it also true that Christianity teaches us that salvation is impossible without the grace of God? Doesn’t this represent an irreconcilable difference between Buddhism and Christianity?

“Every moment is grace!” replied the monk. “This is grace!”

In the Bible, we read that God created the world in seven days. Many have tried to put a date on Creation, have tried to reconcile this information with the new scientific worldview.

From the perspective of sacred geometry, every moment is Creation. The patterns of Creation play out everywhere, always. Every cell is a Universe. Consciousness resides everywhere. Life itself is nothing but consciousness.

Intelligence is not a freak accident of life; it is life becoming aware of itself, arriving at eternal truths about itself.

The forms of sacred geometry pay homage to this reality.


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