Sacred Geometry: The Field

Dancing With the LightThese images focus on sacred geometry as an underlying field. The field allows for deviations, chaos, and experimentation, but always pulls things back to equilibrium. Here we have a play of light and color, clarity and mist, presence and absence… as well as a hint of the fractal nature of sacred geometry.

The beauty of the field is that it represents emptiness. The only way to represent nothingness through symbols is to put them in perfect harmony, so that they cancel one another out. This is the field of sacred geometry: it is the purest simplicity and equality. Within it, we recognize forms–the eye and the flower are the most obvious.

The lessons are clear and beautiful. On the field of emptiness, we find unity, peace and stillness. Every aspect is perfectly placed and unique, and a mirror image of the whole. Moreover, emptiness is form. Existence is complete and exquisite: an eye adoring a flower.


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