Sound Healing

Hi y’all,

I’ve spent the last few months studying sound and music’s ability to heal the psyche, and I’d like to put what I’ve learned into practice more and more. To that end, I’d like to write songs for individuals based on specific intentions or just as a general spirit-lift. There are quite a few elements that go into these songs: the use of a person’s name, which can be powerful and affirming, the use of intention and knowledge to address a specific issue, such as energizing music if you happen to feel sluggish, the invocation of powerful forces that resonate with the intention, be they gods, devas, angels, fairies…

If you’re interested, you can leave a comment with an e-mail address or shoot me an e-mail at

If you’d like an example of what I’m talking about, here is a song I put together for my brother:

Some general information that would be useful in putting together the song:

  • Name (just first is fine, doesn’t have to be your “real” name)
  • Issue or general intention
  • What kind of music you like

And anything else you’d like to share is totally welcome.

Hope to get some takers, have a wonderful day!



Hymn to the Moon Queen

                Words escape me

I thought I could speak

 the pain and longing

                          the sense of loss…

 are they still there?

                        just barely,   as shadows

           just the idea of you brings light

                 you would never allow me

                                              to lie to myself

                        this is your greatest gift

     among the many

                                         your way of creative rebellion

                                          which leaves no trace

                        save in my heart


     When I’m with you

   I sit beside a great mystery

       of how you were always


                                    and yet I have found you

                                      you bring me to the edge

                                                                  of death

                                                      of time

                                    good God, that you would

                      give me a nudge

                        as I stand there, stupefied

                         paralyzed by fear

                         the same old fear

which lives in the depths

     somehow you take me there

           when everything else fails


you bring me God

 by doing nothing


      I feel I have not said enough

there are still words left

I will give them to you

in the hope

of losing them forever

The Druid

The druid child is born on the shores of a deep and ancient lake. The lake is birth and death, the great emptiness that is alpha and omega. The mother, giving birth, dissolves into primal unity. The pain and ecstasy of birth are not her own, they are rings around the silence she has collapsed into.

Nature herself is giving birth, the forest and shore are opening up to bring new life into the world.

The father offers his gentle but firm support, holding the mother’s hand as she passes over this great threshold. The mother’s sister is also present, reciting an ancient mantra to entrain the mother’s body to the rhythms of labor.

As a young boy, the child goes racing through the forests, delighted with everything he finds there. He plays games with his friends and with nature spirits; he gets to know the plants and the trees. He lives by the cycles of nature, as all beings do, and universal kinship is a simple fact of life.

As the boy grows, his energy begins to stabilize and he becomes more contemplative. He learns the relationships between the elements of his world; he learns what is safe and what is dangerous.

He begins to learn that some relationships go deeper than play, as he learns to defend what his heart treasures most and prune away that which ceases to serve the whole. When he was younger, his feet barely touched the ground as he ran and danced across the forest floor. Now his step is slower and more deliberate as he takes the time to really observe the world around him.

As a young man, our druid’s thoughts turn to love. The love of the druid is universal — it has no center, it is shared by all life, animate and inanimate. He may form a special bond with another — undoubtedly, he will form many special bonds. He does not limit himself or feel shame for what or who his nature draws him toward. He recognizes that it is joy and peace of mind which are the yardsticks for right and wrong.

As a man, he finds his role in the community. He will be a leader, a warrior, a spiritual guide, a gardener, a healer, an entertainer, and a friend. These are all aspects of who he is, though some may shine through clearer than others. He knows his way around the forest, and he treats his home with reverence and respect, though his heart remains light and unburdened. He takes on his responsibilities knowing fully well that nothing lasts forever.

The druid’s awareness and sensitivity to the cycles of life only deepens. As he grows old, he loses his sense of self to the cycles, and becomes a mouthpiece for nature. His power is that of the Cosmos, vast beyond comprehension, yet humble as a flea. In everything he does he tells the story of life, planting the seeds of wisdom in the minds and hearts of the next generation.

The druid does not die, but is reborn as the totality. The druid’s decomposing body still holds his wisdom, which becomes part of the fabric of life. The body is not burned, embalmed, or sealed in a coffin — it is offered as a gift to Mother Earth, just as it was given.