Hymn to the Moon Queen

                Words escape me

I thought I could speak

 the pain and longing

                          the sense of loss…

 are they still there?

                        just barely,   as shadows

           just the idea of you brings light

                 you would never allow me

                                              to lie to myself

                        this is your greatest gift

     among the many

                                         your way of creative rebellion

                                          which leaves no trace

                        save in my heart


     When I’m with you

   I sit beside a great mystery

       of how you were always


                                    and yet I have found you

                                      you bring me to the edge

                                                                  of death

                                                      of time

                                    good God, that you would

                      give me a nudge

                        as I stand there, stupefied

                         paralyzed by fear

                         the same old fear

which lives in the depths

     somehow you take me there

           when everything else fails


you bring me God

 by doing nothing


      I feel I have not said enough

there are still words left

I will give them to you

in the hope

of losing them forever


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