Sound Healing

Hi y’all,

I’ve spent the last few months studying sound and music’s ability to heal the psyche, and I’d like to put what I’ve learned into practice more and more. To that end, I’d like to write songs for individuals based on specific intentions or just as a general spirit-lift. There are quite a few elements that go into these songs: the use of a person’s name, which can be powerful and affirming, the use of intention and knowledge to address a specific issue, such as energizing music if you happen to feel sluggish, the invocation of powerful forces that resonate with the intention, be they gods, devas, angels, fairies…

If you’re interested, you can leave a comment with an e-mail address or shoot me an e-mail at

If you’d like an example of what I’m talking about, here is a song I put together for my brother:

Some general information that would be useful in putting together the song:

  • Name (just first is fine, doesn’t have to be your “real” name)
  • Issue or general intention
  • What kind of music you like

And anything else you’d like to share is totally welcome.

Hope to get some takers, have a wonderful day!



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