Tearing back a million veils

The curtain lifts on a curtain lifting

Doors opening to doors opening to

The tunnel curves and twists

And I fly through it, faster and faster

I fly through the stars, racing past

Solar systems, galaxies, spiral arms

Directly into the center, the black hole

That turns out to be a tunnel,

Taking me faster and faster,

Compressing me smaller and smaller,

Until I thinkā€”I’m finally there!

And I’m shooting out the other side

What? There’s another side???

And again I’m whizzing past

Universes of breathing life

And now I’m going in

Deeper and deeper into

A plant, a cell, a molecule

An atom, a quark, a field

Of pulsing energy,

Going deeper and deeper until

All of a sudden, there’s nothing

Nothing there. Nothing at all.

Huh? Where did it go?


Sitting in my room,

Staring at the wall

Home alone, no one around

Nothing to do, nowhere to be

Touching the wall

Knowing it is the electrical field

That I feel

Not the wall.

I can never feel the wall.

Only the field that

Separates us

Isn’t that true?

Isn’t separation

The only thing I experience?


So the thought arises

I never experience God

I only experience

The separation

And perhaps

Every form

Is only a reflection

Of the separation

From God


So where does this leave me?

What do I do now?

I look at my hands

How they mirror one another

And yet, they are not the same

My right hand is very dextrous

Which is not to say the left

Is impotent, incompetent

It has its own strengths

When I’m typing I don’t notice

The difference

But when I’m drumming

The right hand defines the rhythm

And the left provides the accents

Dancing in the space

Created by the right

When I pray

I put the right and left together

But when I play

The separation between them

Becomes music







Ah, religion

And the old tribal ways

And the wave of modernity

That could wash them away

What do we do

To protect the past?

And does it really need saving?

Was it ever meant to last?

The techniques and traditions

Beliefs and superstitions

A way of living in harmony

A cultural legacy

Can mankind really walk

Without this firm foundation?

On what else can we base

Our lives and our creations?

Our progress-based society

Sometimes feels an empty shell

All this work and striving

But where we’re headed none can tell

The vision that we share

Is hazy at its best

So I’ll just do my part

Someone else can do the rest

Will the past unite us

With the wisdom it still holds?

Or does the past divide us

By limiting our souls?

No! It doesn’t hold the power

To divide or to unite us

The past is just a memory

Possibilities are boundless

But our projections of the past

Start to limit what is real

Expecting life to repeat itself

We trudge the hamster wheel

And though the ones who came before

Gave their lives just to make sure

That we one day could still receive

The knowledge that had set them free

Everything they learned and shared

Can be found in the present moment

This is what makes it Truth

And gives it its importance

The forms of nature are simple and pure

As is the art of living

Nowadays we complicate things

But the highest good is still giving

Giving our hearts to all we meet

And allowing ourselves to transform

Love is the only foundation of life

And transcends cultural norms

The beauty of forms is that they adapt

As the forms around them change

The heart of things is never lost

Even as disparate cultures exchange

Everything that seems to define them

Finding them, losing them, selling them, buying them

Trying them, breaking them, only to bind them

With glue that never seems to suit

Our culture’s been twisted and slanted!

But for those who grow up with alien fusions

These mutations are taken for granted

And so life goes on, singing its song

To anyone open to listen

And those who mourn all that has gone

Will always find they’re missing

The sweet melody that the present brings

Without worry or expectation

For those who welcome and open to change

And know how to watch with patience

The dying of what no longer serves us

As fear drags it past its prime

We know that things are getting better

Getting better all the time





You are what you dream

As much as we create our dreams

Our dreams create us


All too often, our dreams divide us

“No, my dream is better than yours!”

Just look at all these stupid people

Caught up in their lesser dreams

If only they could see what I see!


But life does not judge our dreams

If it did, they would not come to pass

And we wouldn’t live in a world

That has grown a million dreams

A world of a million worlds


Sometimes we inherit our dreams

Sometimes they are born

Through rebellion against

The dreams we have inherited

But, in living our dreams

It soon become apparent

That our dreams must touch something

Deep inside

Or be abandoned


The only way dreams are known

Is when they touch the ground

The challenges and rewards they bring

Give them shape and size

We don’t need to judge our dreams

Just see them for what they are

And if they do not satisfy

On their own, they die


I dream of liberation

It seems the highest dream

Like every other dream

Is just a go-between

What is liberation?

I’m not exactly sure

I don’t know who’s inside

But I’m knocking at the door

I’ve seen the house from far away

With its gold and silver lining

I’ve even met one of its guests

And seen his aura shining

The challenges are great

The rewards are unending

Liberation is a dream

That like a staircase descending

Takes you to your heart of hearts

Where you face your deepest fear

But like a faithful friend

Doesn’t abandon you here

For in this dream I do believe

Lies the hidden power

To go where no one’s gone before

And brave the timeless hour


A dream is known by

Its pleasures and its pains

If it drops you down

Does it lift you up again?

Or are you sinking deeper and deeper

Into a dreadful hole

Desperately avoiding truth

As your dream unfolds?

So many dreams are quiet anguish

As everything precious is lost

A dream can certainly take its time

Teaching you its cost


But share your dream with me

I’m not here to judge or condemn

I will help you with your dreams

Knowing fully well

That you can learn your own truth

And make your own journey

Every step of the way

Truth is found

Not in the sound

Of a harsh and booming voice

But in allowance and acceptance

That makes the truth obvious


Dreams unite us

I do believe

That under every dream

Can be seen

The same longing

For truth, peace

True happiness

True stability

And moving through life

Living our dreams

Allowing them to transform us

To die, and be reborn

I have every reason to believe

That this is exactly

Where they take us


Only the fool has no dream

But there are always two kinds of fools

There is the fool who hates dreaming

And the fool who is finally awake

The fool who hates dreaming will find

That the dream that he lives

Becomes a nightmare

Whereas the fool who is awake

Has no use for dreams

Because she is the dream

As she is awakening




The possibility of unity

Is not in getting all the voices

To agree

And sing the same melody

That’s not the meaning

Of harmony

The possibility of justice

Has nothing to do with laws

There is no perfect system

That cannot be corrupted

The possibility of communion

Does not require

The eradication of individuality

Nor is brave individuality

Limited or threatened in any way

By the invitation

To surrender yourself

To give yourself up

To the whole

The possibility of unity

Is not tenuous

Because the possibility of unity

Is only the reflection

Of the reality of unity

Which is simultaneously


And uncovered


The unity within

Which hears the many voices

Accepts them

Even if they appear to contradict

Because deep within

Within the unity

Those contradictions become


And the song that was always there

Is finally heard

No Answers

Light of the Dragon

There are no answers here

Only the hidden question

Which comes to us

In a million ways

The snake that always finds

The kinks in our armor

“I am good, I am brave!”

Says the proud knight

And the snake hisses:

“Who are you?”

Yes, our knight may slay

A thousand and one dragons

But the Hydra will not die

It persists, it persists

Our knight may become the king

And trade his armor for a castle

And turn his whole kingdom

Into a fortress

But when he lies down to sleep

In his sanctum of sanctums

He will find the snake there with him

Right at his side

To hiss the hidden question

Yes, you may surround yourself with allies

Who share every view with you

And even as you fight the world

You will find the snake there

Right beside you

Ah, the snake, so misunderstood

Because we do not want to understand

We want to have an answer

We do not want to understand the question

The hidden question

That cannot be evaded

It can be fought, or repressed

But nevertheless

It will arrive as an endless stream

Of enemies, or things slithering between

The cracks in your defense

Everything that makes you squirm

And everything you hate

Are only the reflections

Of your unwillingness

To face the snake

The snake, so misunderstood

So easy to condemn

So old, so very old

But the snake wants to bring us

To that eternal moment

Just before, or just after

Adam ate the fruit

It was the fruit that brought the question

Not the answer!

There are no answers here

But the fruit has brought the question

And the snake wants to lead us back

To that eternal moment

Of stalemate, not knowing

Not knowing, who, what, why?

That eternal moment

The snake, and God

And sin, and shame

This is now, not then

This is now, though our armor may hide

The apple that rests in our hand

Have we just bitten, or are we about to bite?

A lifetime in an instant

Of forethought?



What do they mean

These little synchronicities

Showing up unexpectedly

And so many write them off

As “just coincidence”

Yes, a co-incidence

Of time and the timeless

A dialogue

Between past and future

Between reality and illusion

The higher realms saying “Hi!”

A sign that you’re on the right path

Because you’re on the path!

A miracle, a bird song

Is a miracle too

And what is the meaning

In a bird song?

Are birds just incapable

Of silence?

Is it a functional message

From a little biological computer

To its spatio-temporal neighbors?

Ah, perception and interpretation

Are not seperable

I asked that beautiful cactus

Why do you grow?

What’s in it for you?

And I got my answer

Oh, expansion!

Oh, contraction!


Yes, I see

The bliss is in no why

No why is liberation

Yes, this is the way

So far from this human experience

So I will appreciate the absurdity

While it lasts

I can cry!

I can worry!

I can be afraid

I can be angry

And I can unravel these tendencies

And move back into

The bliss of no why

What a miracle

To be so free

In a world of




Time began with separation

And is ending with reunion

So don’t look back to history

To learn the lessons of the future

Don’t say, “That’s the way

It’s always been,”

As if this world is just

A prison

This world is an opportunity

To forgive and to forget

And if we think we’ve seen it all

We ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Because we carry the world inside ourselves

And perfection is what it will take

To restore ourselves to unity

And fix every last mistake

Every time you drink water

Give thanks and your blessing

Because every drop

Should feel love

Water is the life

Of this beautiful world

The binding river

That drifts and curls

Through the veins of all beings

Through the valleys and hills

Seeking for nothing

Flowing until

All being is united

In a loving embrace

And this physical world

Can vanish

Without a trace