The Alien

An alien came down to my room one night I

couldn’t quite tell if it was

a he or a she or a neither or both

or something we humans don’t know about yet


I must admit I was frightened at first

as the alien stood in my door

I’ve read books and seen movies and TV shows

and from time to time looked at the sky

i guess i could say it made me feel small

i guess i could say i stood in awe

but it just looked like a bunch of little lights to me

and i guess i saw a few that looked like a kite


anyway the alien didn’t say much at first

but after a while we got to talking

it took me on a ride on its spaceship

and those little lights are much prettier up close


“my race has exterminated anger and shame”

the alien said to me

“we love one another, we like to sing songs,

and we’re happy as can be.”

i looked around, and saw it was true

everyone was groovin and singing a tune

everyone was beaming and dreaming and teeming

with joy and happiness too


we went to a few planets with jungles and forests

strange but familiar too

there was life everywhere, songs in the air

it felt too good to be true


“so why leave your home and come to earth?”

i couldn’t help but ask

“our planet is sad, the people are mad,

and everything’s way off course.”

the alien laughed and smiled at me

and said “that’s just why we’re here,

there’s not much we can do as we circle you

except send you our blessings and love,

but this is the way it always is

since the beginning of time and beyond”


you see that alien taught me many things like how

life is never really off course

it’s all part of the journey,

totally necessary

even when it totally sucks


all in all I feel a little wiser now

I’ve seen just what we can do

we can live in light and bliss and peace

and travel throughout this big U

we can have free energy


ascend and descend at will

we can dematerialize, rematerialize

whatever you like, it’s up to you


but we humans have got a lot of work to do

before we’re ready to receive these gifts

the walls between us are strong and deadly

and they’ll take a long time to come down

but hey that’s the play that’s the way it is

time to get a grip

because the aliens are out there

and we can go up there

but in the end we’ve got to come down to earth


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