Magic Eyes

It's All Good Baby Baby

don’t waste your time in searching

not by seeking is it found

just see the world through magic eyes

and hear the music in every sound


things open up as you look at them

so look, really look

look with your heart like you’re no longer there

and the fairies will dance in your hair


do you go to your friends

demanding answers

of who they are and why?

approach the world as a dear old friend

and you’ll start to see it through magic eyes


the mystery is that what you see

is colored by your eyes

and if you know what you’re going to find

you’ll never be surprised

what we forget and what we remember

defines our shape and mould

and yet in the infinite sandbox of now

we are formless,

we are gold


the world reflects our looking

so what is it that you see?

a hazy world of indifference?

or a paradise of glee?

the world reflects our looking

so try to look carefully

try to look patiently

try to look lovingly

and the eyes of the world will open to you

in the mirror of eternity


the sages say the world remains

the shadow of an illusion

and everything you know and love

is a figment of the imagination

it’s not a hard truth to swallow

if you set aside your mind

because all they’re really saying

is that God isn’t hard to find

he’s living inside everyone

inside everything you see

and if you’d really like to find him

just see life magically


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