Star Children

today i felt you should have been there

i was missing your dear smile

and even though you’re inside of me

we haven’t spoken in a while

i don’t know where your head’s at

don’t know what you’re going through

but i know that where you’re headed

is where i’m headed too

and really that’s enough for me

we don’t have to walk side by side

i know both our lives are flowing

by the grace of the eternal guide

but still i miss you now and then

call it the human condition

i’d like to be a friend of truth

and help you in your mission

every queen needs a knight

every knight needs a queen

from here to the stars

and everywhere in between

i’ll follow you in loyal service

after all, to love is my purpose

and what greater reward for all that i do

than to love a one such as you?

thank you dear friend

for all your blessings

in everything you do

and thank you for the opportunity

to express my gratitude



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