As above, so below

Who sits at the bottom

Must reach the top

And as each step is climbed

She expands into herself

She is re-membering

Healing the world


She finds herself in a million forms

Future and past, higher and lower

Meet in an intricate tapestry

Of criss-crossing strands

With nothing out of place


She finds tremendous power

But resists the temptation

To drop down and wield it over others

Instead, she uses it

To propel herself ever higher


Simultaneously, she finds

Her personal host of demons

And the warrior’s immovability

When the demons enter her circle

They explode into flower petals

Which fall at her feet


Tremendous love wells up within

Spills over and blesses all those

Who climb behind her

And, seeing herself as part of this

Great eternal ladder

She weeps her last tears

Of joy


She steps into the central channel

And drops into an unexpected


Where many secrets are revealed

Everything she cared to know

And much she never would have thought

To ask


With knowledge comes deep surrender

A willingness to enter

Death itself

And here, the greatest mystery of all

That death is the heart of life

Now she has become death

And gobbles up all of creation


As if waking from a dream,

She is back where she began

Sitting on her yoga mat

Sounds of sitar and tabla

Drifting through stereo speakers

The faint scent of incense

That has burned out

And a knock on the door

Of a concerned room-mate

Calls her into the world


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