What is Hell, really?

Some say there is no such thing

But certainly there is a Hell

I’ve been there

You don’t need to die to go to Hell

And Hell isn’t a punishment for wicked deeds

Hell is separation and isolation

Hell is attractive, because we each have our own Hell

And part of us feels safe there



But Hell burns

Hell burns unendingly

And when we see where we are

When we feel

That longing for unity

We see Hell for what it is

A prison of self

A wall against love

A maze of nonsense

Shame, doubt, fear



And if the desire is born

To be free from this Hell

Then we find that the only way out

Is to go right into the heart

To face the Devil

Who is only an illusionary reflection

Of ourselves


Hell is a world we create

Within ourselves

And then we find others to share our Hell

And we become one another’s demons

But every demonic mask

Contains the seed of transcendence

And layer by layer, we can peel our fear,

Our resistance, our pain, our anger,

Until it all just seems so strange

Why we ever struggled in the first place

When what we were looking for

Was right here all along


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