Time Stands Still For Me

The Persistence of Memory

Time stands still for me

Or like the rhythm of a song

We dance in and out of time

I haven’t left you

And you haven’t left me

We’ve just danced out of the moment

That brought us together

And eventually we’ll dance back in

Time expands and contracts

The breath of God

Infinite lifetimes seem to stretch

In all directions from the now

Myriad reflections and possibilities

Unfolding as we wish it

Red carpets that roll from

The center of our hearts

And then roll back in

The purity of solitude

Where there is only consciousness

Only ever has been

Time stands still for me

Even as it races forward

Toward what seems to be the end

But time itself cannot end

And I am time

Even when I am out of time

On time, or off time,

Too much time, too little time

Still, I am time

And time itself cannot end



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