Of Light



Greetings to the brilliant one

Daughter of the rising sun

Pleiadian child of joy

I’ll share with you my toys


Let’s dig around here in this bag

And see what you’re getting this year

Ahh yes, a drum, a flute, a book

And some scuba-diving gear

So you can go swimming with the dolphins

In the vast Pacific Ocean

A ticket to Hawaii

Here’s some sun-tan lotion

And while we’re at it, why not stop

At Mt. Shasta on the way?

I hear the traffic there is hoppin’

And every day’s a holy-day

Yeah I’ve got some friends who might be going

If you’d like to tag along

And they’re going to the islands too

To know the miracles of song

In a book I went to the mountains

Of the ancient Taoist immortals

Feeling in between the rocks

I fell into a portal

And in the Kunlun sacred space

I learned the ancient arts

Of building up the inner chi

And living from the heart

And then an old familiar face

Popped back into my life

To teach a course in miracles

As re-awakening’s midwife

Yes, I’m talking about Master Jesus

Who else would brave the task

Of putting all bad dreams to rest

And taking off our mask?

Oh and I learned to drum the Gene Keys

It’s pretty easy to do

Trance guaranteed in a matter of minutes

DNA activation too

Yes I’m becoming more miracle-minded

The miracles of every day

And the miracles that draw time in on itself

In an epic sort of way

Of course the greatest gifts you have

Like the sound of the birds in the trees

Honestly I don’t have much to give

But I’m learning to receive

And so, this poem

That rhymes and roams

And skips and hops

And bounces

I’ve told it to

Glide on to you

And bid you a fine day


‘Tis a humble flower on your path

Your path gives life to flowers

This I’ve noticed walking with you

Your presence has the power

To make this strange and quiet dream

All of a sudden seem

Like it’s bursting at the seams

With gold and silver beams

Of light



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