Time began with separation

And is ending with reunion

So don’t look back to history

To learn the lessons of the future

Don’t say, “That’s the way

It’s always been,”

As if this world is just

A prison

This world is an opportunity

To forgive and to forget

And if we think we’ve seen it all

We ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Because we carry the world inside ourselves

And perfection is what it will take

To restore ourselves to unity

And fix every last mistake

Every time you drink water

Give thanks and your blessing

Because every drop

Should feel love

Water is the life

Of this beautiful world

The binding river

That drifts and curls

Through the veins of all beings

Through the valleys and hills

Seeking for nothing

Flowing until

All being is united

In a loving embrace

And this physical world

Can vanish

Without a trace


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