No Answers

Light of the Dragon

There are no answers here

Only the hidden question

Which comes to us

In a million ways

The snake that always finds

The kinks in our armor

“I am good, I am brave!”

Says the proud knight

And the snake hisses:

“Who are you?”

Yes, our knight may slay

A thousand and one dragons

But the Hydra will not die

It persists, it persists

Our knight may become the king

And trade his armor for a castle

And turn his whole kingdom

Into a fortress

But when he lies down to sleep

In his sanctum of sanctums

He will find the snake there with him

Right at his side

To hiss the hidden question

Yes, you may surround yourself with allies

Who share every view with you

And even as you fight the world

You will find the snake there

Right beside you

Ah, the snake, so misunderstood

Because we do not want to understand

We want to have an answer

We do not want to understand the question

The hidden question

That cannot be evaded

It can be fought, or repressed

But nevertheless

It will arrive as an endless stream

Of enemies, or things slithering between

The cracks in your defense

Everything that makes you squirm

And everything you hate

Are only the reflections

Of your unwillingness

To face the snake

The snake, so misunderstood

So easy to condemn

So old, so very old

But the snake wants to bring us

To that eternal moment

Just before, or just after

Adam ate the fruit

It was the fruit that brought the question

Not the answer!

There are no answers here

But the fruit has brought the question

And the snake wants to lead us back

To that eternal moment

Of stalemate, not knowing

Not knowing, who, what, why?

That eternal moment

The snake, and God

And sin, and shame

This is now, not then

This is now, though our armor may hide

The apple that rests in our hand

Have we just bitten, or are we about to bite?

A lifetime in an instant

Of forethought?


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