You are what you dream

As much as we create our dreams

Our dreams create us


All too often, our dreams divide us

“No, my dream is better than yours!”

Just look at all these stupid people

Caught up in their lesser dreams

If only they could see what I see!


But life does not judge our dreams

If it did, they would not come to pass

And we wouldn’t live in a world

That has grown a million dreams

A world of a million worlds


Sometimes we inherit our dreams

Sometimes they are born

Through rebellion against

The dreams we have inherited

But, in living our dreams

It soon become apparent

That our dreams must touch something

Deep inside

Or be abandoned


The only way dreams are known

Is when they touch the ground

The challenges and rewards they bring

Give them shape and size

We don’t need to judge our dreams

Just see them for what they are

And if they do not satisfy

On their own, they die


I dream of liberation

It seems the highest dream

Like every other dream

Is just a go-between

What is liberation?

I’m not exactly sure

I don’t know who’s inside

But I’m knocking at the door

I’ve seen the house from far away

With its gold and silver lining

I’ve even met one of its guests

And seen his aura shining

The challenges are great

The rewards are unending

Liberation is a dream

That like a staircase descending

Takes you to your heart of hearts

Where you face your deepest fear

But like a faithful friend

Doesn’t abandon you here

For in this dream I do believe

Lies the hidden power

To go where no one’s gone before

And brave the timeless hour


A dream is known by

Its pleasures and its pains

If it drops you down

Does it lift you up again?

Or are you sinking deeper and deeper

Into a dreadful hole

Desperately avoiding truth

As your dream unfolds?

So many dreams are quiet anguish

As everything precious is lost

A dream can certainly take its time

Teaching you its cost


But share your dream with me

I’m not here to judge or condemn

I will help you with your dreams

Knowing fully well

That you can learn your own truth

And make your own journey

Every step of the way

Truth is found

Not in the sound

Of a harsh and booming voice

But in allowance and acceptance

That makes the truth obvious


Dreams unite us

I do believe

That under every dream

Can be seen

The same longing

For truth, peace

True happiness

True stability

And moving through life

Living our dreams

Allowing them to transform us

To die, and be reborn

I have every reason to believe

That this is exactly

Where they take us


Only the fool has no dream

But there are always two kinds of fools

There is the fool who hates dreaming

And the fool who is finally awake

The fool who hates dreaming will find

That the dream that he lives

Becomes a nightmare

Whereas the fool who is awake

Has no use for dreams

Because she is the dream

As she is awakening




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