Tearing back a million veils

The curtain lifts on a curtain lifting

Doors opening to doors opening to

The tunnel curves and twists

And I fly through it, faster and faster

I fly through the stars, racing past

Solar systems, galaxies, spiral arms

Directly into the center, the black hole

That turns out to be a tunnel,

Taking me faster and faster,

Compressing me smaller and smaller,

Until I think—I’m finally there!

And I’m shooting out the other side

What? There’s another side???

And again I’m whizzing past

Universes of breathing life

And now I’m going in

Deeper and deeper into

A plant, a cell, a molecule

An atom, a quark, a field

Of pulsing energy,

Going deeper and deeper until

All of a sudden, there’s nothing

Nothing there. Nothing at all.

Huh? Where did it go?


Sitting in my room,

Staring at the wall

Home alone, no one around

Nothing to do, nowhere to be

Touching the wall

Knowing it is the electrical field

That I feel

Not the wall.

I can never feel the wall.

Only the field that

Separates us

Isn’t that true?

Isn’t separation

The only thing I experience?


So the thought arises

I never experience God

I only experience

The separation

And perhaps

Every form

Is only a reflection

Of the separation

From God


So where does this leave me?

What do I do now?

I look at my hands

How they mirror one another

And yet, they are not the same

My right hand is very dextrous

Which is not to say the left

Is impotent, incompetent

It has its own strengths

When I’m typing I don’t notice

The difference

But when I’m drumming

The right hand defines the rhythm

And the left provides the accents

Dancing in the space

Created by the right

When I pray

I put the right and left together

But when I play

The separation between them

Becomes music




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