Ah, religion

And the old tribal ways

And the wave of modernity

That could wash them away

What do we do

To protect the past?

And does it really need saving?

Was it ever meant to last?

The techniques and traditions

Beliefs and superstitions

A way of living in harmony

A cultural legacy

Can mankind really walk

Without this firm foundation?

On what else can we base

Our lives and our creations?

Our progress-based society

Sometimes feels an empty shell

All this work and striving

But where we’re headed none can tell

The vision that we share

Is hazy at its best

So I’ll just do my part

Someone else can do the rest

Will the past unite us

With the wisdom it still holds?

Or does the past divide us

By limiting our souls?

No! It doesn’t hold the power

To divide or to unite us

The past is just a memory

Possibilities are boundless

But our projections of the past

Start to limit what is real

Expecting life to repeat itself

We trudge the hamster wheel

And though the ones who came before

Gave their lives just to make sure

That we one day could still receive

The knowledge that had set them free

Everything they learned and shared

Can be found in the present moment

This is what makes it Truth

And gives it its importance

The forms of nature are simple and pure

As is the art of living

Nowadays we complicate things

But the highest good is still giving

Giving our hearts to all we meet

And allowing ourselves to transform

Love is the only foundation of life

And transcends cultural norms

The beauty of forms is that they adapt

As the forms around them change

The heart of things is never lost

Even as disparate cultures exchange

Everything that seems to define them

Finding them, losing them, selling them, buying them

Trying them, breaking them, only to bind them

With glue that never seems to suit

Our culture’s been twisted and slanted!

But for those who grow up with alien fusions

These mutations are taken for granted

And so life goes on, singing its song

To anyone open to listen

And those who mourn all that has gone

Will always find they’re missing

The sweet melody that the present brings

Without worry or expectation

For those who welcome and open to change

And know how to watch with patience

The dying of what no longer serves us

As fear drags it past its prime

We know that things are getting better

Getting better all the time



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