“What is love?”

A beautiful piece by local Santa Cruz artist, Bruce Harman


The wind is love

Brushing against all things

Sometimes lifting them high,

High into the air

But the wind does not cling to us

Saying desperately, you’re mine!

The wind moves in its own nature

In merry detachment


The stars, so distant and strange

Cradling planets in their greater bodies

Rather than consume all life and each other

In a fiery burst of passion

They burn bright within

And move in slow, deliberate coils

Organs of a greater body still


The river is love

Have you ever heard it complain

About the stones in its path?

Its very presence smoothes the stones

And their meeting makes that divine music

That reminds us life is ever-new


Crystals show the orderly side of love

Where everything is in its right place

Balanced, symmetrical, and stable

Capable of structuring the erratic currents

Of the life around them


Love is also wild energy

Twisting, leaping, utterly spontaneous

Birthing and destroying worlds in a breath

Shattering all that is familiar and comfortable

To reveal the vast, rich

Terrifying and intoxicating depth of life


Love is all these things

Love is all too often

Betrayed by words

Yet it demands to be spoken


Love is something that exists between people

It keeps drawing them together

Even in war, love is there

Refusing to let go


Love is a path

Each temporary love holds a key

A riddle, an invitation

Into a deeper love,

Which demands more

And offers more

Hinting at something eternal

That does not need to be created

Or maintained

But is simply found

At the very end, the very core

Right where any child

Would put it



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