The Nature of Blogging

I’ve been thinking a bit about my blog recently, about what it is, why it exists, what I’d like to get from it, and so on. My feeling at the moment is that this blog isn’t really a blog. I mean sure, it looks like a blog, but I think it misses the spirit of blogging, and that’s why I haven’t really been getting what I really want from this blog. So my intention with this post is to clarify to myself why this blog exists, and also explore my own perception of what this magical world of blogging is.

And yes, it’s a magical world. All worlds are magical. That is at the heart of why this blog exists. If I didn’t believe that blogging and this blog are magical, I wouldn’t bother. What is magic? Well, that’s way too much of a tangent to really dive into. But essentially, magic is a feeling of wonder that is really easy for kids and really difficult for adults. I would say that magic is a way of looking at the world as though you’ve never seen it before, and you’re totally open to being astonished by it.

So magic is really at the heart of this blog. This blog exists to share magic, but magic isn’t a one way street. It’s not that I have magic and you don’t so I have to give it to you. In fact, magic is born in the relationships between things. I guess you could say that magic is the simple fact that totally different things can get along with each other. And not just get along, get along really well!

So to share magic means to invite different perspectives, to open up discussions, to give and take. Right now I feel that there has been a lot of giving in this blog, but I’d like to shift it to being more of an invitation. I’d like this blog to be alive with comments and responses on other blogs, a nexus of connections and ideas and little inspirations. That would make me happy to come back to my computer and find that I’ve inspired someone or someone has something to inspire me. I’d like this blog to be more porous, more of an open, growing and evolving entity than a sort of static presentation of something that has already happened. It should be moving, natural, an eternal work-in-progress… like life.

That’s what I think blogging is really all about. It represents a shift in consciousness that we are creating but that is also creating us. It’s always a two-way street! This one-way dynamic of the artist and the audience is breaking down… now the audience is also artistic and the artist is listening to the audience. Now we are all equal beings in a network of creativity where we see that there are pulses of inspiration moving through this network–now you light up, then I light up, but neither of us owns the creative spark, it moves through us and uses us to bring us closer to one another, to bring us into a deeper communion with this great mystery called life. This is how it is, this is how it’s always been, and our evolution is just layers of mist gradually being removed, revealing what was always there.

So this is the intention. The intention is to share in magic through the invitation of difference. To invoke revelation through communion. An intention is beautiful, but on the flip side of an intention is a question. An intention is masculine, because it moves into the world with a trajectory and purpose. A question, however, is feminine, because it invites the unexpected. It is a vacuum which draws toward it exactly what it needs. And that may not be an answer! It will simply be an experience which deepens our wisdom.

The question, then, is what is blogging? Why blog? What do we hope to get from blogging? What does blogging tell us about this time we live in, our potential and our shadows?

I would love to hear your thoughts, intentions, questions, reflections, contemplations, and anything else you may have to share. Blessings to you all, and to all beings through you…



4 thoughts on “The Nature of Blogging”

  1. I am on your wavelength here, Tom. You beautifully express what I hope can happen, as a conversational sharing of the mystery. It is difficult to extend an invitation and to get the response one would like. It is helpful to understand that the response is largely Silent – the living silence which is the trust that holds all our mutual activity. So you are inspired one day to blog something in response to the wish of an unknown reader. Blogging is truly a magical and miraculous vehicle when utilized in this way – a magic carpet. We must trust that there is as in all things, far more than the eye beholds, and that hearts are touched where we might not see, but where we are. Life is so rich.

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