Global Community: Tribalism and the New World Order

The intention of this writing is to envision a global village that is sustainable in the spiritual sense–as a haven where all members are loved and empowered, and which interfaces in a positive way with the world at large.

A global village understands the value of the individual–the individual must be empowered to be fully and authentically self-expressive, and hold his or her own truth and way of moving in the world. The individual is not limited for the sake of the tribe–the tribe thrives when the individual thrives. The desires of the individual and needs of the community are not seen as antithetical, rather, there is a self-organizing intelligence inherent to life which aligns the desires of the individual and the needs of the community. An empowered individual serves, because simply by following their joy and realizing their own nature they are naturally of service to the community.

Our modern world view is based on a separation between ourselves and nature. There are infinite examples in nature of harmony and co-ordination that for many suggest the presence of a creator. And yet, we too are part of that harmony, because harmony is simply the nature of life. It is the way that nature moves, where everything moves effortlessly with everything else. And yet, when we would limit others or ourselves for the sake of the whole, we are implicitly saying that we do not trust life, and do not believe that nature is ultimately harmonious. Rather, we separate ourselves from nature as something which can be threatened by nature and is compelled to control nature. This is absurdity, because we are nature! And yet, this absurd belief creates the very suffering it takes as its own evidence.

In this sense, freedom and trust are the foundation stones of a true global village. A global village in some ways does not recognize tribal distinctions: we are each a perfectly unique expression of nature, totally distinct from anyone else, past or future, and yet still parts of a greater body and propelled by the same mysterious life force. And though the tribe seems to be discarded at these ultimate extremes of perfect solitude and total unity, when we come to relate to others in this shifting world, tribal families and different webs of connection are inevitable. For some this means connecting with a spiritual tradition, for others it is a racial or cultural heritage, but ultimately the tribal links we have transcend genetics altogether. Call them karmic, cosmic, whatever you will–sometimes you just meet someone you feel as if you’ve known forever, because within you they live very near your heart.

In a global village, we understand that we are mirrors for one another. We are here to support each other and challenge one another–we are here to be so fiercely authentic that all others must face themselves and life. We must own our beliefs, emotions and experiences and acknowledge ourselves as co-creators of this life, not as victims of limitations created by others. If we wish to learn to live in a global community, we must learn not to take life personally, and own our own reactions. With all we have inherited, there is a lot of pain stored between all members of the human family. This pain has to be processed, but if we continue to personalize and assign blame to the pain that exists between us, we will never reach a space where we can allow that pain to heal. We must simply observe the pain and allow it to sing its song, and then release it forever. If we come into this agreement together, as a family, we can be members of a global village.

A global village inherits the wisdom of the past, the technology of the present, and a vision of the future. We are not rejecting the present in favor of the past or future. We are not rejecting anything. We are using all the tools at our disposal to move toward a vision of perfection. At the heart of this vision of perfection is an understanding that we are co-creating–giving and receiving. We know some of what we want, but we do not have the total vision. Our brothers and sisters have other pieces of the vision, but even together, we still do not have the whole picture. Only by coming together and synergetically linking our hearts and minds do we open the door to the highest possibilities. Our vision of the future necessarily has blind spots, but we are always aiming to create a world better than the one we found. We do this simply by aligning with the current of evolution, which is the natural tendency of life.

In a global village, all organizations are porous. They are not self-enclosed and defensive, simply acting for their own survival. They exist to serve the whole, as the village exists to serve the world. They are open and welcoming, because they have gifts to share. Families interface with one another, so that children can grow and experience beyond the limited patterns of their own parents. In the same way, businesses interface with one another, help and support one another, trade ideas and employees, for the benefit of the whole. No one stands to lose! Because there is co-operation, there is abundance. And because there is abundance, there is no need to fear theft or become protective.

Businesses interface with families. Businesses take care of children, provide education and apprenticeships, and simply become part of the fabric of life. Children learn by playing and interacting with old and young alike, and they learn by doing in those walks of life that they are attracted to. In a global village, everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student… and every moment is a learning opportunity!

In a global village, love is not an isolated phenomenon. Love is not spark of light in a great darkness. Love is the connective tissue between all residents. Love is the reality which is found at every hearth, in every workplace and in every meal. Love is the intention which goes into every action, and love is the perpetual question in every heart: “How can I bring more love into this world?”

A global village is radically inclusive, because it includes all of life. Life is accepted in its essence, which means it is accepted along with death. A global village is grounded in a sober perspective on life. Challenges and trials are bound to come. They are to be faced with courage and perseverance. All the while, life gives lovingly to all who give selflessly and create in love. There is a deep surrender to life, and this is what allows the members of a global village to come together and be intimate. This intimacy takes many forms, but ultimately it is a recognition of unity in those who appear to be most different. A global village is, and must be, a challenge to our perception of the world, which is rooted in separation. A global village is an ideal that asks us to live in a way that would allow it to exist. In this way, it is a leap of faith. Only our faith that it can exist will create the space in which it could flourish. It is a project we start today, not a reality we wait for in a murky future.

Well, what do you think? What is a global village to you? What would it take for humanity to live together in peace and harmony? Where is the human race headed? Is there an essence of life? Is it all survival and competition? Is life intelligent and harmonious? Or is it something altogether different? May these questions shake us awake to the mysteries and possibilities…


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