The Power of Belief

Ah, to be a thinking being, what a miracle! And yet, most people don’t seem to understand what it means to be a thinking being. It means that you come into reality, fresh as a daisy, and start to use your mind to order things and yourself. You begin to name your reality so that you can exercise mastery over it. And yet, for many of us, our beliefs about reality end up with us as the victims of reality. Or, on the other side of the same coin, reality ends up as our victim.

Our thought systems are meant to empower us, but all too often we end up disempowered by them. The litmus test for this is very simple: does our mental view of reality lead to us limiting others, and believing there is something wrong with them? Or does our mental view of reality lead to us empowering others, and seeing their natural genius desparate to explode into the world of forms? If we see only what’s wrong with other people, and feel locked in an endless battle against life, it’s because our beliefs have made us their slave.

Whether these beliefs are religious, spiritual, scientific, psychological or political does not matter. Ultimately, they all stem from the same limiting belief: that we are separate from life. If we are separate from life, then we are threatened by life. Because we are threatened, we must defend ourselves. However, there is a deep dread that life always wins, and so we are destined to die. This belief means that we are absolutely limited, unable to escape death, which is understood as pure limitation.

Any thought system that is truly empowering is ultimately rooted in the understanding that we are not separate with life. Because we are not separate from life, we cannot be threatened by life. Because we cannot be threatened, there is nothing and no one to defend. The only thing that can die, really, is our sense of separate-ness and limitation. That is because it is a belief which is not in accord with reality. If it were in accord with reality, it could not die.

What we call the “ego” or “personality” is actually just a set of limitations. It is a set of differences between ourselves and others. That’s why the ego breaks down when we really and genuinely open up to others. Every time we accept a perceived difference in the other, we realize that that difference didn’t actually exist. With every defense we drop, we drop a mask of the ego. And when the last mask drops, we see that the ego was never really there to begin with. Everyone outside of us is part of us. And if we deny any part of ourselves, we are bound to suffer. On the other hand, if we accept and love every part of ourselves as ourselves, then there is no ego left that can suffer and die. And so we are saved! And it is through all those we previously perceived as enemies that we are saved. This is why our enemy is our greatest friend.

The whole process of accepting and loving every part of the whole is dependent on a thought system which supports the process. A limiting thought system will declare absolutely that to love every single part of the whole is either evil or spells death. Ultimately, that which is perceived as evil is that which spells the death of the ego. The moment you love that which is most evil you will have reclaimed the deepest part of your Self, and the ego will be totally lost.

The key then, is to open up in love to life in its totality, and share the key message with everyone: we are not separate. The differences between us are not real, and the judgments and conflicts between us have nothing to do with our true nature. This is the good news! There is nothing to fear! The Kingdom of Heaven is at your very feet! All you must do is open your arms and receive 🙂


The Jungle



Do you see the smoke signals on the horizon?

Well, pay them no heed for now

They speak in a mystery language

Known only to initiates


Answer the call of the jungle

There are so many who live on the outskirts

As their parents did,

And their parents before them

Will you be one of those?

One of those who answers the call half-heartedly?

Content simply to sit at the edge of the fire,

Without knowing the god that lives inside?


No, of course not

You have already passed by their cozy houses

Their little-pains and little-pleasures

You have already pushed through the thorny thicket

And warily watched the slithering snakes

As they go about their own lives

Unperturbed by your presence


And what have you found in the jungle of your heart?

What deep secret called you from the heart of the jungle?

Was it some monster that lurked there?

A pile of gold, perhaps?

No, no, we know that’s not it.

Nor was there a person there,

Nor a god,

Not even a mirror.

What you found there was a clearing…

Yes, a clearing in the jungle–

Perhaps even a meadow.


This clearing is yours to do with as you will

You can build a home there,

Should you choose.

You could build a hospital,

Or a tea-house,

An orphanage, even.

You could build nothing.

You could simply sit and enjoy its open-ness.

There is no one there to tell you what to do with it,

But others will come if you invite them.

They will love your clearing.

But you are under no obligation to tell anyone.

Here, you are perfectly free.

This is the jungle’s gift to you–

Your reward for loving the jungle enough

To dive into it.


I love you,

I have always loved you,

Love, the clear still lake,

Obscured by a wraith-like mist

That was never really there

To begin with


From your peaceful clearing

You notice, once again,

The smoke signals on the horizon

And you understand their mystery language

Which, it turns out, was never such a mystery

But you were not willing to understand

Ah, this dream is melting away

Something is calling me back home

And my soul is ready to let go

And like the smoke, the world drifts away

And in deep, deep sleep

You finally awake