Ode to Love

Have we loved so deeply?


How deeply have we loved love?

Deeply enough to welcome pain?

To welcome the pain of loving

As the way love opens us up

To the raw intimacy of life

To surrendering our defenses

And seeing the highest and lowest

Always interlocked

At the heart of all things?


Love is God,

Love is the eternal guide

Love is folly and wisdom

Agony and bliss

Love is the Hell that prepares us

for Heaven.


Have we loved so deeply?

Have we persevered in our love?

Have we loved with all we have,

And given it all up for love?

Love will take everything we have,

And when we love fully,

We will see what a burden it really is.

What a burden to have a life,

A personality,

A belief,

A purpose.

What freedom to love

and be loved.


Love has no name

No season

No home

Because love is at home everywhere

Love is home

And all things gather around the fire of love


All things become as one

And share stories of friendship

Around the fire of love

In the heart of one

Who has been totally burned away

By the fire of love.


Have we loved so deeply?


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