You are Beauty

You are Beauty

You are a world unto yourself

The past needed borders and boundaries

Chasms between cultures and faiths

So that each could find the depths of

Unique expression


But in us, these chasms are crossed

These doors are opened

And our souls are vast enough to contain so much

A million cultures united in the love

That is our true nature


You are Beauty

Simply by being

Every cell contains God’s signature

Every step of evolution

From primal chaos

To perfect cosmic clockwork

Is contained within you

And this journey is nothing

But discovering the Self

The Self in all things

And embracing every aspect

No matter how uncomfortable

Because if we can find peace in chaos

Then we expand beyond the limitation of “I”

And we become a body that cannot be wounded

Because there is nothing outside it

And it lives forever


You are Beauty

How I love to love you

How I love to love what you love

Because we are simply loving love

And love reveals beauty

Love is beauty in motion

Beauty is love in form

You are beautiful

In a million and one ways

But you are Beauty

Where all ways become one


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