Division, division,

Revolution, submission

What is the vision

Perhaps it needs a revision

Oh the puppets on the stage

Will dance and fight and dance again

And turn to dust and blow away

As though their lives had never been

I know you long to see the day

When peace on Earth prevails

But peace and waiting are different realms

Where waiting does not see what is

What is, what is, what lies beneath

A million dormant memories

That rage like demons through the waves

Of silence’s disturbing serenity

The saints and sages point the way

To a Heaven in a Hell

A castle so fortified

That only righteousness may enter

Only this, only presence

Only Light, light of lights

And peace, peace falls away

As the memory of war also fades

The puppets on the stage may dance

But there is nothing in their movements

The mechanism is seen

Liberation from the dream



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