A Letter to Your Heart

Dear One,

I have seen the fairies playing in your hair

I have seen the feathers of angels in the air

As you pass by

I have felt the hand of Christ on your shoulder

But you live as yet

In the shadows of your true self

Studying yourself in foggy mirrors

Whispering gossip to others

Only to be bitten

By the echoes of your own whispers


Dear One,

You live in self-imposed exile

In the realms of the self-damned

Self-judged, self-tormented

And your palace stands empty

But the gate has not been closed

The drawbridge is not raised

The flowers in the courtyard

With their sweet perfume

Call you home even now

In subtle remembrance

Of the peace

That was once yours


Dear One,

I love you

You are my own self

All that I would reclaim

I call out in you

Love, devotion,

Courage, faith

Wisdom, joy

And awareness

Of our shared divinity

I call this out in you

Will you heed the call?

I love you

Be happy!


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