Meeting You Everywhere

Dear One,

I am changing

Through you,

But not for you

I shall not seek

To win you over

To win your love

I am…

I am Light

You are Light

What I love in you

I cultivate in myself

And so I find you

Where I can never lose you

In my own heart


Dear One,

Ideas are veils

Hanging between us

And every time a veil

Is surrendered

I become you

You speak through my lips

You move me

And your image hangs


In the altar

Of my mind, body,

And soul


Dear One,

You seduce me

I chase your shadow

And it leaves me

In some unknown place


I would have rejected this place

And continued the search for you

In futility and despair


I bring my love to this place

And after the initial discomfort

My own light reveals you to me

Dancing behind the strangest faces

After all,

Who are you

But the reflection

Of my own light?


There is only Light


Dear One,

Come out to play

Dance, sing

Stretch your limbs!

Kiss the wretched beggar!

Start fires

Baptize us

In your cool, healing water

Bring us your soft touch

That ripples pure ecstasy

May we meet you everywhere

And lose the fear

Of ever meeting anything else



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