Little Island

Singing Winds

A soulful kirtan

Through laptop speakers

Windchimes sing

In approving harmony

The wind ebbs the

Breath of Ram

Osho says:

“Longing is divine

Until it takes an object

Then it becomes mundane.”

These waves of longing

Crashing on the shores

Of consciousness

A consciousness so vast…

This is where awareness is drawn

This vastness

Which contains so much

Joy and sorrow

Stories of self and other

Are too small

To contain such vastness

So I sink


To the oceanic sound

Of the harmonium

The depth

Of the human voice

The soft carress

Of the wind

The aimless sauntering

Of bird calls

And here I am, here I am,

Stories help me to navigate

To hold a home, feed myself,

Communicate with others

(The real gem!)

But they are held lightly

So that maybe

In some miraculous moment

They will wash away

And leave me alone

With silence

And vastness

And peace, and love

With being

Just being

And some unknown power

Will see through my eyes

Reach out

Through my limbs


With my mind

And explode into the world

Like those first rays of sunlight

Perpetually blessing all beings

In timeless ecstasy

Well, what do I know?

For now, I sit

And drink tea

And enjoy this little island

Of serenity


One thought on “Little Island”

  1. Ah, that is Arunachala behind him. Beautiful poem, Tom, and music voice. I nominated you for a very inspiring blog reward. If you want to find out more about it, pop over for a visit to mine! It is entirely optional to “receive”. But I love your work and the vibrations you put out, and the “lighthouse” you take care of. And so it is an opportunity to just say that … and for me to discover even more beautiful things.

    Love and peace – J.

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