The Burning Heart



All this beauty inside my heart

I would share it with you now

It tears me open

It invites me into darkness

Not as a spectator

As a lover, a mother

As the one in the heart of it all

Crying, wretched, forlorn

Forsaken by the world

Reborn as the world

Surrendering to ultimate death

Transcending death

Everything brimming with light

Touching the tender synapse raw nerves

Fire burning fire ecstatic

The most delicate hands

And everything burns away save

A single eye

Unfathomable fathoms

You are this! You are this! You are!

Zen swords pierce woven veils of self and other

Lightning like illumined mind pierces

And leaps without warning

And lands in the center of gravity

No floor, no falling

Circling the light that circles the dark

Slow spiral grooves smooth-ass jazz

Angels on sax

And oceans of warm feedback in a London nightclub

Everyone breathing in syncopated harmony

Without knowing

Not needing to know

Lost, blissfully lost

Awareness coming home

Takings its shoes off

Stoking the fire

Sinking into the recliner

And waiting for her to arrive

To come home


for Bird


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