the Sun Hermit: “What about the Immortals?”

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“For some reason, I am wondering about the Immortals. Do they really exist? Do you know anything about them?”

The Sun Hermit and I were walking along a stream, one of his favorite activities. He said the sound of the stream could clear the mind, just as the water cleans the body.

“Immortals?” he asked. “Hmm… what do you think, is this stream immortal? Everything is changing…”

“Yes, but is it possible to live forever with the memory of your own history? Or at least a very long time?”

“Even your memories are changing, and your history is just a set of stories you keep telling yourself. Those who desire immortality push it away, and those who do not desire it already have it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that everything is changing, and those who seek immortality seek to preserve something that is not real to begin with. There is no substance to the self. It is like this stream, always changing, made of many different things moving together. But those who surrender the self and its stories and memories and allow the stream of their lives to follow the course of gravity realize more and more the timeless aspect of existence. We realize we are already immortal, at one with life, in timeless being. And so, in a sense we are Immortals, though our bodies may die.”

“But the body could be preserved?”

“Anything is possible. But the body of an immortal is the world, not this little physical entity.”

“So really the immortals are everywhere?”

“Yes, and they are always at play, always calling you into the timeless present. They may talk to you through a bird call or a branch knocking you on the head… or an unexpected wave jumping out of the Ocean.”

“So to hear them I just have to be open to recognizing their voice?”

“Yes, and embody the qualities they love. Be kind, generous, gentle, compassionate and wise. Laugh often and share the wonders of life. Create music that is soothing for the soul. And awaken others to the magic all around, especially in nature! You really should spend more time outdoors…”

“It’s beautiful and calming. I forget how much I like it.”

“It likes you too. The forests appreciate slow-moving humans who take the time to delight in their little treasures.”

When I walk with the Sun Hermit, I feel at home in nature. Movement and silence become one and the same. I can stop and appreciate a fleeting beauty without expecting anything grandiose or dramatic. I can hear the meandering music of the wind and feel it connect with my breath. Everything becomes quiet and simple and though I walk without a destination, I know I’m on my way home.


the Sun Hermit: “Why must we suffer?”

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The Sun Hermit smiles on us. Somehow, he has met the ultimate. He has crossed over to the far shore. It is the far shore that smiles to us, calling us home.

Sun Hermit, shine your light on my mind. Illuminate my vision with your being. Sun Hermit, reveal the awakening within me.

The Sun Hermit prays in the morning. He sits on the stone outside his cottage and he watches the sun rise. He is the rising sun. His light opens up our being. And as the sun breakts through the clouds, he closes his eyes and communes with God. And if you are with him in those moments, you receive the confirmation that God loves all his children.

God, why must we suffer?

“Why must we suffer?”

“Go within,” he says. “Go into the heart of your suffering. Your suffering is the fire that will transform you. Go willingly into your fire and meet your destiny.”

My Teacher is a wise Teacher, and does not let me wander too far. I am His. I have surrendered my soul, though my soul was His from the very beginning. At times, I feel the prodigal sun, but my Lord is calling me home.

My Lord, I surrender!

The Sun Hermit smiles and beckons me to join him. The sun is setting, returning home to primordial darkness. What if I could grab onto his coat-tails, and follow him there?

The Sun Hermit is a disappearing act, an image by which the formless seduces us. Just like my Love… form and formless dancing on the far end of reason. A bird on the wing, a song of songs, too sweet to miss for long…

the Sun Hermit: “What is Tao?”

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One day I was on a hike with the Sun Hermit and a friend. We were walking through a rich forest, climbing among great rocks and settling into the peaceful rhythm of nature.

I asked the Sun Hermit to talk to us about the Tao. His staff made a wonderful clacking sound as he set it down on a rock and used it to hoist himself up.

“In Tao there is no separation. My arm, my hand, my staff and this rock are all one living, breathing consciousness. Everything is so alive that there are no words to describe it. Everything has its own language, an inexhuastible essence. To see the world through the eyes of Tao is to see it not in terms of function, but to be swept away by beauty.”

“That sounds kind of exhausting!” joked my friend Kaylo.

The Sun Hermit laughed. “It’s the most invigorating thing in the world! It’s what keeps these old bones going every day. Every breath and every heartbeat is a testament to the majesty of Tao.”

We fell silent, and I could feel how the three of us were moving as one organism. I could see how we were changing our environment and our environment was changing us. Animals create paths through the forest but they create by following. It’s a strange paradox. What comes first, chicken or egg?

“It only seems paradoxical because they seem separate. Why do things appear separate to me?”

“When you see your reflection in the mirror, does it appear separate from you?”

“No, I guess not.”

“The world is just another mirror. Train yourself to see it this way, and you will.”

I would practice with Kaylo. If he said or did something that got to me, I would practice seeing him as my reflection. Usually the situation would seem absurd: how could I get angry at my own reflection? Sometimes it didn’t work, because the feeling as just too strong. But I did notice it was becoming easier to see others as my reflection.

Or doing the dishes, I would say to myself: “As I wash this dish, I cleanse my own mind of illusions.”

Another great passion was art. As I wrote or drew something, I would set aside the need to create something to impress others and instead use the art as a medium for self-exploration. The characters I created were different aspects of myself, and the ideas I played with allowed me to clarify my experiences to myself.

I began to understand the great teaching at a new depth: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” I began to take it literally. What is love but absence of fear? And who can fear their own reflection?

I found that as I saw others as my reflection, it became easier to see their virtues, or at least the positive potential within them. And this seeing activated the corresponding virtue within me, activated whatever dormant potential was there. And I saw that projecting separation shut down my creative potential, and my own self-awareness.

But time and time again, strong emotions would cloud this practice. I began to see that behind them was a fear, a fear of opening up or revealing myself too much to others, that I would be hurt or shamed. I asked the Sun Hermit how I could take this practice to the next stage, and overcome these fears.

“Be with the fear, knowing that it is unreal. The fear is only an indicator of transformation. Allow the fear to be there without reacting to it. Feel the fear in the body, and feel its impermanence, its changing nature. Every time you come up against this fear, you have the potential to become more grounded in your inner knowing. Don’t worry, it’s a good sign.”

And so the practice continues. I can see in myself a desire, at times, for a quick resolution, for an immediate fix-all. And breakthroughs certainly happen. But they happen unexpectedly, as a result of clearing space for them. They happen as a consequence of our persistence and devotion.

The practice continues! My journey with the Sun Hermit is a mystery within a mystery…

the Sun Hermit: Meetings and Recollections

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I can still recall the first time I saw the Sun Hermit. He was walking along the hills in my hometown holding a wooden staff and slowly meandering along a path laid by animals. I was only 12 years old, my natural curiosity had not yet been laid waste by cynicism. I was enthusiastic about understanding this mysterious world we all share.

There was something fascinating about this man. He didn’t look like anyone I’d ever seen before. His white beard and bald head made him look old, but his eyes were young. He was looking at the world through the eyes of a child. He was enrapt, absorbed. But he was also still and calm. He was just walking, not anywhere in particular. He was not on his way to work. He was not out for exercise. He was just walking, enjoying the day.

I didn’t see the Sun Hermit again for many years. I had to go down my own paths, even if many of them were dead ends or cul-de-sacs. I had to go into cities and wilderness and chase my own extremes. Looking back, I feel it was all necessary, inevitable, perhaps. I am glad I did not avoid living out of fear. I am more happy to correct the mistakes I have made than to never have learned the lessons.

It’s like remembering, or waking from a dream. Something began to call to me, and I began to seek. I became a seeker. An old skin dropped away and a new skin was revealed, it was like I was finding all these pieces of a great mysterious dream. Each teacher, friend or stranger I encountered held a piece. Sometimes I even believed they held the whole puzzle. But every time, the call returned. The call to keep seeking.

And then, slowly but surely, the call to seek would slowly turn into a wordless knowing that I would find, as though some part of me whispered: good, you have proven your devotion. Now I will come to you.

And so it was with the Sun Hermit. After travelling to meet so many teachers and gurus, the Sun Hermit came to me. And he did not come to me as a master, but as a friend. I did not have to make an effort to receive his teaching. I was in love with him from the very start, and that love only became a deeper and deeper blessing.

What is love but the absence of fear? In the beginning, he was my friend. And at times, he would become so much more. But ultimately, our relationship always came back to this simple foundation of friendship.

I was just walking down a cobblestone street of a little town, with its taverns and shops, when I noticed him through the window of an herb shop. He was inspecting some herbs with peaceful delight. I walked into the shop. There was such an air of gentleness and familiarity about him that it did not feel at all strange to walk over and say hello. It would have felt strange not to. He just struck me as one of my oldest, closest friends.

He turned to me and smiled. “Hello Tom,” he said, “or should I call you Tao?”

I had been experimenting with a name change. It did not strike me as odd that he knew my name. “Tao is fine for now.”

“Ah, virtuous Tao. Blessings on your soul. May your life be an herb shop of simple delights!”

With this blessing, our friendship had begun. Or should I say, it had been re-discovered in earnest. In truth, our friendship has no beginning or end.

It is a story at one with life, an ever-expanding tapestry of beauty and magic. It is the adventure of love, an invitation to the realization of dreams.

The Sun Hermit — “Is Karma Real?”

“Is karma real?” I asked the Sun Hermit.

The Sun Hermit turned around to look at me. The sun shone around his robes in a glorious halo, his bald head gleamed mischievously.

“For you, maybe!” he laughed, and began to run down the hill in his sandles, rocks and pebbles sliding out under his every step.

I had no choice but to follow him, wanting to embody his care-free abandon but also worried that I would fall and tumble down the hill, breaking bones and potentially hitting my head on a rock into untimely death. But I had to put such thoughts from my mind. Negative thinking is the enemy, right?

He sat waiting for me at the bottom of the hill, rubbing his feet, still smiling, still immersed in the aura of an other-worldly sage although just a moment ago he had behaved like a little child.

“What about God,” I asked, “Is there a God? Is there right and wrong?”

“Why do you care?” he asked me, peering deep into my eyes. “Do you care because someone has told you you are supposed to care? Or do you genuinely care, from that place you would call your heart or your soul?”

The intensity of his gaze left me no choice but to seriously consider the question. “I guess,” I said, “I don’t know. It seems important, right? How do we decide how to live our lives? How do we know what to do and what not to do? Isn’t there a right and wrong?”

“If I stub my foot on a rock, it hurts my foot. Does that mean I have done something wrong? I might not like it, because I do not like pain. But is the pain wrong? Or is that just an idea that I have projected onto the pain?”

“I see what you’re saying,” I replied, “but what if I consciously do something to hurt another person? Wouldn’t that be wrong?”

“Why would you do such a thing,” asked the Sun Hermit, “when you can sit under the trees and breathe the air, listen to the song of birds, contemplate the mysteries of life and be free? Just wait… listen…”

I listened. It was a beautiful day, late afternoon, and the sun was beginning to set. The air was cool and comfortable. Birds chirped happily in the trees, and fluttered from branch to branch. The wind added some light ambiance, and the colors in the sky brought out pink and orange hues from the trees. It was a magical scene, and it felt as though the whole world were collaborating to paint a beautiful moment of contemplative serenity. Nevertheless, there was a nagging in my mind, and it would not be so easily abated.

“Yes, but what if another person hurt you, and caused you a great deal of pain and anger? What if they did something terrible to you or your family, and you had no choice but to get revenge? Would that be wrong, or would it be justice? Would it be better to just do nothing and let their crimes go unpunished?”

The Sun Hermit seemed to take my bait. “Have you understood the doctrine of karma?” he asked. “Do you understand what the ancient sages meant by the word?”

“As I understand it, karma is a law of the universe that if you commit a bad deed, you are punished, and if you commit a good deed, you are rewarded.”

The Sun Hermit laughed. “This is a very childish way to understand things. Humans reward and punish. These are vagaries of the human mind. A parent might punish or reward a child, because they have an emotional investment in the child’s behavior. The way of the world is quite different. Does Winter punish the trees by making them wither and die? Does Spring reward the squirrels by bringing them a bountiful harvest? Then perhaps the seasons keep turning because the trees and squirrels do the same thing, year after year!”

I was perplexed. “So then, life has no meaning? Joy and pain simply follow one another, in endless succession, without rhyme or reason?”

“When the ancients spoke of karma, they were speaking from a deep insight into the mind, and how it perpetuates suffering through attachment and identification. If you believe you are the leaf that falls from the tree in Winter, you may very well believe you are being punished for some crime. But if you see that life and death are simply cycles of renewal and rebirth, a new vision will open for you. But this means investigating your true nature, your true self.”

“What is my true self?”

Again, the Sun Hermit laughed. Not a mocking laugh, but a laugh of understanding, a cosmic laugh at the absurdity of it all. I had heard this laugh before, and it was infectious. I too began to laugh, my questions melting into the beautiful day as something inside me was released. I felt an inexplicable sense of freedom and expansion, a joy unlike any other, that perhaps only infants know…

As the laughter abated, I looked at the Sun Hermit with a new love. I could not understand how one moment he seemed so human and the next so divine. When I asked my question again, I asked it with love… the love of a young son for his father.

“How can I find my true self?”

“Just listen,” said the Sun Hermit. “When all else falls silent, what is left?”

I listened. There were my thoughts. How can I fall silent? How do I do this? How can I shut down my mind? Is this my true self? Who am I? Why am I here? This is stupid. This is pointless. I don’t see how this can work. But it will work! I have to believe, right? Or maybe I’m not supposed to believe… I don’t know, I’m so confused! And what does any of this have to do with karma? Maybe I’m just not intelligent enough to understand…

And with the thoughts was this sort of seeking, something searching for a correct thought, or an answer, or something. Something judging the thoughts, a sort of push and pull. And there was a feeling of agitation, a pressure to find something or get somewhere, and a feeling of frustration or resignation.

“What do you hear?” asked the Sun Hermit.

“A lot of noise and confusion.”

“Very good!” he said. “At least you see it for what it is! Most people will allow this noise and confusion to dictate their entire lives. Keep listening.”

It took a while, but gradually the noise died down. In his presence it was easier, simpler, because he was inviting the silence. He showed me, in a man, what it looked like. I could trust it. There was an aura of peace around him.

“What do you hear?” he asked.

“Nothing.” I said.

“So what is your true self?”

“I don’t know, there’s nothing there.”

“Well, isn’t that wonderful?” he asked.

“Yeah… it is… just this emptiness that has always been there.”

“Is it changing?” he asked.

“No, it’s not. The thoughts and feelings go on changing, but it stays the same.”

“Yes, don’t mind the thoughts and feelings. They need their own time to settle and unwind. Years of conditioning have left you quite a mess. But at least you see what’s behind it, the true reality.”

“Yes, I see. When I see this, the question of right or wrong doesn’t really matter too much. I guess… it’s just how the mind navigates in the world. It just doesn’t make sense to harm others when you can simply share this peace with them…”

“Is there any conflict in your true self?”

“No, there is no conflict here. There is only peace. There is not even the space for conflict.”

“This is what the ancients called the wheel of dharma. As the mind lets go of its addiction to conflict, it becomes liberated from the world of forms.”

“So karma means attachment to conflict, which keeps us locked in suffering? Karma is just identifying with the ego instead of the true self?”

“Yes! But you have just seen through this illusion. And you must remember… you must remember the treasure you have just found, because the tendency of the mind is to keep seeking. The mind can have its freedom, can have its play, but the true self is your center–don’t put it on the periphery!”

“Teacher, can I ask you something?”

“Of course, Tom.”

“What is it like to be you?”

Again, the Sun Hermit laughed, and he kissed me on my forehead. “I am you, my son! All things are revealed in time.” And he smiled, wide, and his eyes shone with a brilliant angelic light. “Just have faith, and keep moving forward. You are ready, you are strong. You have nothing to fear. All fear is but a veil draped over your awakening. Enter into fear with faith, and the phantoms that haunt you will vanish forever. The path is wide open, so wide, so wide…”

And we turned and looked at the landscape before us. The sun was finally setting, like a brilliant fire burning beneath the heavenly dome. The mountains in the distance looked like a fanastic purple kingdom of clouds. The world felt like home, so familiar, so close to my heart. “Lord, bless this creation,” I said, not knowing where the words came from. Love was just pouring out.

“Thank you Teacher,” I said.

“Tom, I am your friend,” replied the Sun Hermit. “And it is my pleasure to walk with you.”

And so, together we walked home.

Gene Keys

What are the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys, to me, are 64 living, breathing friends.

warning: numerological tangent follows

64… what a beautiful number. It’s 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2. Two raised to the sixth power. Two is about doubling and two is also about dividing. And 6 + 4 = 10 and 1 + 0 is equal to 1. Look at it this way:

2 raised to the 0th power is 1.

2 raised to the 1st power is 2.

2 raised to the 2nd power is 4.

2 raised to the 3rd power is 8.

2 raised to the 4th power is 16, and 1 + 6 = 7.

2 raised to the 5th power is 32, and 3 + 2 = 5.

And 2 raised to the 6th power is 64, and 6 + 4 is 10 and 1 + 0 is 1.


When we double six times we’re back where we started, to 1. So 64 is a very important number, because this pattern of doubling and dividing is at the heart of nature. It’s how living systems grow and multiply.

We can take it the opposite direction too.

0 ) 2 / 2 = 1

1 ) 1 / 2 = .5

2 ) .5 / 2 = .25 and 2 + 5 = 7

3) .25 / 2 = .125 and 1 + 2 + 5 = 8

4) .125 / 2 = .0625 and 6 + 2 + 5 = 13 and 1 + 3 = 4

5) .0625 / 2 = .03125 and 3 + 1 + 2 + 5 = 11 and 1 + 1 = 2

6) .03125 / 2 = .015625 and 1 + 5 + 6 + 2 + 5 = 19 and 1 + 9 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1.

So in both directions when we get to 6 we’ve come back where we started. And let’s look at the two number sequences:

Doubling — 1 2 4 8 7 5 1 …

Dividing — 1 5 7 8 4 2 1 …

Notice that the two sequences are just inversions of one another… which makes sense, because doubling and halving are inverse operations. But why 6? Notice something else interesting: what 3 numbers are missing from the sequence above? There are 6 numbers present and 3 missing, out of 9 total digits. And the numbers that are missing are 3 , 6 , and 9. Actually they’re not missing, they’re just telling the story about the other numbers.

Okay, but what does any of this have to do with Gene Keys? Well, the Gene Keys are like life. You can’t just pry them open and expect all the answers to reveal themselves right away. You have to play with them, connect the dots, and once you’re done, start connecting them differently, because there’s a lot of images that can come out of a single series of dots.

6 is a beautiful number. It’s the number of carbon atoms in a carbon ring, which is one of the fundamental lego pieces of all life on this planet. And the DNA, the “God code” of all life, is based on these hexagrammatic rings. Why 6? There is something about the hexagram, its internal structure and the way it can be infinitely tesselated, that makes it ideal for building things. Like beehives.

beehive-picThe I Ching, one of the oldest spiritual texts known to mankind, was also based on this sytem of 64. In the I Ching there are 64 shapes known as hexagrams, made up of a series of six lines.

hexagram01.jpg.pagespeed.ce.YB3tEZ4CP1The lines can be either yang or yin, and in six combinations this leads to the same pattern we were looking at earlier: two possibilities raised to the sixth power.

The ancient Chinese believed that these 64 hexagrams were archetypal patterns that underpinned all of life, and that by understanding these hexagrams, and in particular the flow, the movement that existed between them, a person could come into a harmonious relationship with the rhythms of life–internal and external.

Now our modern science has confirmed that yes, all biological life is in fact governed by a language (DNA) written in 64 letters (codons). And why should this come as any surprise? It’s all about this rhythm of doubling and dividing, doubling and dividing, the simplest movements of life creating the path of least effort to arrange matter in patterns that are so simple in their boggling complexity.


So there is this code that governs all of life. Our modern scientific way of understanding this is based in an old paradigm, of the ‘detached observer.’ This is like the European scientist going into an indigenous tribe with paper, pencil and clipboard and saying, “Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just here to take notes.” And all of a sudden everyone is doing crazy stuff just to get the attention of the white guy with glasses.

So this is kind of how DNA has been understood. We’d like to quantify, codify and categorize the twisting patterns of DNA so we can manipulate and control, and get the world to be a little bit more the way it ought to be. DNA has been studied as something “out there,” that is very interesting and fascinating but doesn’t necessarily have direct existential relevance to how you do the dishes in the morning.

And it’s hard to see how they could! But the first very important point to enter into is that we are this pattern. Or perhaps a better way to put it is that everything that is experienced is an expression of this pattern. Who are we? What are we? In the scientific approach to understanding ourselves and our reality, there is this funny dialectic between “studying” and “controlling.” It’s assumed that to study something, you have to createcontrolled environment. You have to identify all the variables that could effect your experiment and try to control all of them. And then it’s assumed that whatever happens in the experiment is not being effected by you, the observer, because you’ve taken the variables into account. But how is this possible? After all, you’re the one controlling the variables, and you’re the one who has created the parameters of the experiment.

So this notion of the “detached observer” is first based on a division between the experimenter and the experiment and then attempts to erase this division by asserting that the experimenter does not influence the experiment.

hdthYes, so the Gene Keys open up the path to a new sort of science, where you become the primary field of inquiry.  After all, who are you? What are you? How can we answer any other question if we can’t even answer this question, that points closest to home?

And Gene Keys is about the art of contemplation, which also the art of listening. Listening is different from studying, because listening isn’t about creating experiments or controlling variables. Listening happens in the heat of life, in all its sloppy, messy, unpredictable uncontained-ness. Listening is about tuning in to the body. It’s about listening to the breath, to the sensations, to the flux of emotions that runs through our system. Listening is about openness.

You see, when you really listen to someone, you’re not trying to fix them. That’s sort of the scientific paradigm… you listen only as much as you need to to change the situation into what you’d like. That’s the “I hear you but I’m not listening.” But real listening is just about getting to the Truth, it’s about touching what’s real. So when you really listen to someone, it’s not that you’re taking in the information they’re expressing, categorizing and sorting it through the mental systems in your head, and then offering a solution or a True or False reading. You’re not a computer. True listening is just about connecting to what’s true.

Gene Keys…

Gene-Keys-book-coverYes, so the Gene Keys! The Gene Keys are a system of self-illumination that have been compiled and pleasantly presented by an English fellow by the name of Richard Rudd. The Gene Keys combine the insights of Human Design, the I Ching, and the weird world of quantum biology to present a “map of human consciousness.”

The Gene Keys also has an astrological component, a personal profile based on your time of birth, the movement of the celestial spheres in harmony with your passage from conception to birth. This profile gives you a compass to immerse yourself in the “map” through identifying with a part of the whole.

The 16th Gene Key, for instance, talks about Mastery, and how we come to acquire skills. At the shadow level, which is a low frequency vibration of our genetics leading to a limited perspective and expression of our life force, we remain indifferent in some way to life, and so we do not have the impetus to really cultivate our gifts.

This 16th Gene Key really reminds me of the parable of the talents, where God gives three men a single talent and asks them to “do me proud.” The first man goes out and spends the talent on a pint of ale. The second man goes way out into the desert and buries the talent where nobody will find it. And the third man uses the talent to buy some art supplies, sells his paintings, makes more talents, invests in some local charities, starts a non-profit, creates a business selling ecologically friendly fertilizer, and so on. The third man got the point.

So that’s what the 16th Gene Key is about. It’s about getting out of the grip of indifference and becoming versatile by just using your gifts. It’s about enthusiasm! It’s about love. But it also requires that you identify with your skills, because that’s what gives you the drive to perfect them. If you’re not identified with painting, you’re probably not going to push that skill to the point of bringing something crazy new and amazing into the world, that’s going to inspire others. And the whole point of developing your talents is that it spreads your natural enthusiasm to others. An enthusiastic world is a happy world! An enthusiastic world is one where people are coming up with creative solutions for problems that affect all of us.

So that’s the deal with the profile and the map. The profile is the identification, that leads you to master the map. And the map is life! It’s a wonderful thing to be a master painter, but to master life! Well, that’s a whole new domain altogether.


And it might sound self-obsessed, but it’s not. In the world of Gene Keys, the personal and transpersonal dimension are intimately woven together. As an awareness of your own genius detonates inside you, it will find its way to pour out of you for the world at large.

So, self-illumination?

Yes, so here we go jumping from maths to DNA to the art of listening and what do these Gene Keys and self-illumination and what?

So the Gene Keys, as they are presented, are a compendium of 64 master keys for life, guiding us through our shadows, into our gifts, into our very essence, which is termed the “siddhi.” This is about understanding life by understanding our own blocks and resistances which keep life from flowing through us in a great tidal wave of knowing.


The shadows are the raw material, the anger and fear that have driven human evolution for such a long time that most of the world just takes them for granted, or participates in them unconsciously. But as we learn to take responsibility for our own emotions and reactions, our shadows naturally begin to transmute into our gifts.

Our gifts are the creative expression of the raw energy of the shadows. Our gifts put us in service to the world, because as soon as we become aware of the energies moving inside us we can either sit with them and allow them to settle or channel them into the world in a way that is awakening and inspiring. The gift level is where we begin to see every shadow as a gift!

And the siddhic level is the level beyond words, where our awareness stops getting sucked into the outside world through our ideas and desires and instead turns on itself, resulting in a sort of nuclear meltdown where we are purged of our sense of separation from life. This is the great journey, the great experiment, the great illumination that the Gene Keys invite you on.


visit: Gene Keys official website for more info and to watch some videos of the author, who does a much better job explaining things.

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and finally, visit: Gene Keys Golden Path

if you’d like to purchase the program and work through your profile. I highly recommend it, I’ve been benefiting immensely from the profile! And if you got turned on by Gene Keys through this blog, I humbly request you use this link because I can make a commission fee! Woot!

Hope this has been useful and enlightening!

Much love,