the Sun Hermit: “Why must we suffer?”

photo 3

The Sun Hermit smiles on us. Somehow, he has met the ultimate. He has crossed over to the far shore. It is the far shore that smiles to us, calling us home.

Sun Hermit, shine your light on my mind. Illuminate my vision with your being. Sun Hermit, reveal the awakening within me.

The Sun Hermit prays in the morning. He sits on the stone outside his cottage and he watches the sun rise. He is the rising sun. His light opens up our being. And as the sun breakts through the clouds, he closes his eyes and communes with God. And if you are with him in those moments, you receive the confirmation that God loves all his children.

God, why must we suffer?

“Why must we suffer?”

“Go within,” he says. “Go into the heart of your suffering. Your suffering is the fire that will transform you. Go willingly into your fire and meet your destiny.”

My Teacher is a wise Teacher, and does not let me wander too far. I am His. I have surrendered my soul, though my soul was His from the very beginning. At times, I feel the prodigal sun, but my Lord is calling me home.

My Lord, I surrender!

The Sun Hermit smiles and beckons me to join him. The sun is setting, returning home to primordial darkness. What if I could grab onto his coat-tails, and follow him there?

The Sun Hermit is a disappearing act, an image by which the formless seduces us. Just like my Love… form and formless dancing on the far end of reason. A bird on the wing, a song of songs, too sweet to miss for long…


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