Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile

 The Hologenetic Profile


What is a “hologenetic” profile? It sounds complex, and at first sight it is a strange tangle of numbers, words and lines in some kind of strange geometric figure.

What this profile is, however, is a simple guide to help you understand yourself and your place in the world. It is similar to an astrological profile, except that it is expressed in a different language. The science behind it remains the same.

The profile has many bits and pieces to it, which makes it seem complex. However, after studying it for a while and slowly contemplating every element, you come to see the basic simplicity that is organizing all of this. Your profile is your invitation to live out your own personal archetype, your genius.

Some elements are universal to every profile. Every profile has a life’s work, an evolution, a radiance and a purpose. Every profile can be read at the “shadow” level–the level of unrealized potential, the “gift” level–the level of sharing yourself in creative service with the world, and the “siddhic” level–the level of awakening to the reality of unity, and seeing your own personality as one perfectly integrated fractal expression of the whole, which you are no longer separate from.

Other elements are unique to every profile. We each have different “keys,” which are analogous to the hexagrams of the I Ching or codons of the DNA, that are dominant in our profile. These keys allow us to see our own uniqueness and embody it fully, bringing life and light to those aspects of consciousness we are here to embody. It is a paradox–by fully embodying our individuality we begin to transcend it.


Does it really work?

In my experience, what you get out of any spiritual path is proportionate to what you put in. When I first discovered my profile, it really lit me up. It essentially told me that everything I loved, about life and myself, was my work, my radiance, my purpose. We are here to embody ourselves! It showed me very quickly which inauthentic patterns I was living out of fear, and which aspects of my authentic self I had covered up because I hadn’t accepted them as valid.

It’s another paradox–through the profile, having someone else tell me who I am, I suddenly found the freedom to be myself. So the profile is like any great spiritual path, when you follow it you don’t need it anymore. It’s just a bridge to get you to the other side, once you’ve crossed, you can forget about it. But what a bridge! I can guarantee there are few bridges you’ll enjoy crossing as much as this one 😀

Ultimately though, you’ll have to find out for yourself. You can learn more about the Gene Keys by reading my article, or by visiting the website. And if you’d like to see your profile, you can request it here.

If you would like me to give you a taste of what it all means and look at your profile with you, I would be happy to schedule a Skype session. Just let me know in the comments and I’ll be in touch!

I hope you appreciate this article and find yourself drawn into a new journey of awakening, fulfillment and bliss!



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