Guidance & Her Six Lines

Guidance & Her Six Lines

What follows is a creative contemplation of the 7th Gene Key, which is a spectrum of consciousness moving from division to guidance to virtue. The 7th Gene Key asks us to inquire into the true meaning of leadership, and contemplate the roles of virtue and receptivity in how we think of great leaders. This is what came to mind for me as I contemplated the meaning of Guidance and how that meaning shifts through the six lines of the I Ching.

To learn more about the Gene Keys, you can read my introduction and visit the website. And if you’re curious for more guidance, feel free to message me or leave a comment 🙂




Guidance always happens by the beat of the drum. You can still hear the beating of the drum–another time, another place, another dimension… but it lingers, in the deepest realms of the subconscious, the caves and closets of the psyche. These closets are where the monsters lurk, but they’re also portals to other worlds, where different laws prevail and magic is a way of life.

Guidance is an invitation and a seduction, in a way. Isn’t it a part of the human drama to simultaneously desire and resist guidance? We humans are strange beings, divided, conflicted, at war within ourselves and at war with the world. At war with the way things are. We make reality so difficult and complex. Born into this world, we see it through the conceptual language we’ve been taught from birth. The language that turns a tree into a tree, a desk into a desk, a toilet into a toilet. But everything is ineffable. From the very beginning, it is ineffable. It is entirely incomprehensible what anything is.

The living experience of this is exalted, it is fresh, in deep acceptance of pain or discomfort or just plain strangeness life simply blossoms! And virtue, what is virtue? When I think of Virtue, I see an ever-moving, ever-dancing beam of light that races through everything in existence. An eternal string of pure white light, that ties everything neatly together in an endless knot. The Light of Future Time, the ink in which all things are written. It is also a key of light! It spins and twirls as it dances from one lock to the next, which are all like the little chemical triggers of the DNA helix, catalyzing a centrally decentralized process of life-activation, life-scripting and outward expressiveness of the deep-within dance of life that sparks all endlessly.

Life is virtuous. The movement of life, which is expansive and expressive and self-illuminating, is Virtue. It is the essence of Virtue and moving boldly and courageously into the Future. Of embracing the ever-evolving nature of reality fully, in the now, and becoming One with That.

And guidance is just an invitation on this journey. An invitation into the here-now where all roles can be played out and everything that needs to be said can be said so that there is ultimately just a willingness to enter fully into the silence, and become the silence, and allow the silence to move, allow the silence to dance, which is just a sort of settling in of the silence into eternity.

Guidance takes many shapes. First line guidance is creation. This creation itself is guiding you. There is a play in these words, there is rhyme and rythm, form and function, there is something and there is nothing. The text takes you somewhere. Or at least, it seems to. What you see in the text is what you bring to it. The text cannot show you anything you did not already have. It can, at best, mirror something you were missing. Something you were not aware that you are aware of. You are perfect. You are whole. You are exactly where you need to be, you are exactly as you need to be. Maybe you had forgotten that you knew this. In that case, the creation can guide you back to your own space of knowing. But only if you surrender to the guidance. Which is to say, if you recognize that it is true. If you can recognize that Truth is True, then you have already arrived, you don’t need guidance because you are already there. You are the living embodiment of Virtue.

Second line guidance is the dance. Who leads in the dance? And where is the dance leading us to? From my experience, a dance doesn’t really lead anywhere. A great dance is for its own sake. It’s not about courting, it’s not about impressing, you dance because you love to dance. You go out dancing. You come in dancing. You stay dancing. You just dance! All of life is a dance! Everyone and everything is a dancer! Your challenges are dancers, your pleasures are dancers, your mind and body are dancers. Everything is just dancing, dancing, endlessly in love with the dance. That’s where a great dance guides us. Into love. Into loving the dance. Just a dance, just a dance, just an endless dance of words that invite your mind to bring the Light of Life to them and feel, deep, deep in your heart, that to Love the Dance is itself the highest Virtue.

The third line guidance is exploration. Christopher Columbus in the highest sense. This is not the conquering explorer, but the exploring child. The one who says, “Come on, y’all, let’s find out what’s over that hill!” Not to attain dominion over it, not to profit from it, not even because it’s better than what’s over here. Rather, because it will doubtlessly be just as amazing as what’s right here. Not because we’re bored with what’s right here, but because it has flowered, it has sang its song, and now the song of life is calling from over the next hill. Think of a bee going from flower to flower and buzzing with delight, so the other bees follow. That’s the third line guidance. You get so turned on by someone else’s enthusiasm that you can’t help but run after them.

Fourth line guidance. Now we come home. Now we come truly home, to our community, our heart-and-soul network of friends and family who make our lives possible. The people who we depend on and who depend on us. Not in the co-dependent sense, but in the interdependent sense. Not because we need one another to feel whole. We are already whole. But because everything we do affects everyone, and we all mirror aspects of one another. Because we cannot do anything to another without doing it to ourselves first. In fourth line guidance we are guiding others remembering that they are offering us a reflection, and we are guiding as members, rather than leaders, of a community. So our guidance is just one aspect of the collective momentum. And it may or may not be in alignment with that collective momentum. Nevertheless, it’s an undeniable part of it. Virtue, in a 4th line setting, is the ability to surrender to the collective without giving up your individual vision. If your vision supports the expansion and evolution of life, one day it will draw supporters. But if, out of anger or fear, you try to force others to adopt your vision, it will only create more conflict in the world, as people rally to attack or defend it.

Fifth line guidance brings out the voice of the leader. But more the rebel leader… the one who is calling out to the underdogs, rallying the troops to break through the barriers of the Past into the expanse of the Future. Virtue here is what they taught me in Tae Kwon Do when I was 8 : Don’t envision your hand hitting the board, envision your hand having already gone through the board. 5th line Virtue doesn’t see itself colliding with the Opposition, it has already gone through, gone beyond, any Opposition. It has already arrived at wholeness. It is only within the leela of time that Opposition exists to be met and transcended. 5th line Virtue is the living embodiment of our Utopian future. It is Utopia Now! It is the Future that plunges relentlessly into the Past, tracking the Core Wound to its very roots…

Which brings us to the sixth line. For the sixth line, there is only One Guide. The One Guide. Like the center of the black hole, that draws all life into itself, even light. The One Guide is Death. Death is the only gateway to Life, and all life eventually leads back to Death. Death has always been there guiding us, telling us where not to go, what not to do. Because Death is Life. Life’s investment is to flourish, and Death’s objective is to clear away all that has served its purpose to Life. All that has blossomed and is now wilting away. It can be a kind of scary vision, as it’s rather impersonal. But if we can surrender to the guidance of Life and Death, we will always find ourselves walking into the Light. Into the pure light of unity and effortlessness. Of finding ourselves to be One with Life and Death, and experience this as the ultimate Virtue. The Virtue of Being Life and Death. This guidance is the watercourse way, it’s the Tao. “Life takes care of life,” as Mooji says. And death takes care of death! So what is there to do?

Between Division and Virtue, between Hell and Heaven, sits Guidance, the bridge for crossing currents, the tight-rope walker. Walking steadily into the future, she does not move. Dancing around all life’s challenges, she does not budge from her own integrity. Diving ever into the unknown, she is always arriving home. In the ever-evolving dynamic of the community, she knows that all is well. She invites us into ourselves. She heals all divisions. She gives us the ability to see with One Eye, through the veil of Maya.

And by the beat of her drum, everything of true beauty happens.


Scott & Nicole


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