The Six Lines

This article is about the six lines of the I Ching hexagram, and how they can be understood as a universal pattern that can be applied to any field of inquiry. In particular, this article focuses on the Gene Keys transmission and its use of the six lines to understand different aspects of the human psyche.

Here are three hexagrams, and as you can see, each is composed of six lines:


In the Gene Keys transmission, every hexagram represents a quality of consciousness, a different aspect of what it means to be a self-aware being, and also a path for unveiling the eternal in the play of illusions.

The six lines offer us six perspectives, six angles of approach for the 64 universal qualities of consciousness. They range from the 1st line, the ground and foundation of the house, to the 6th line, the crow’s nest of the boat. By contemplating the six lines, their progression, and their mutations as they are applied, a simple and intuitive way of mapping our reality becomes available. We are invited to see the gifts and the pitfalls of each line, and relax ever more fully into our own embodiment.


The lines begin at the bottom and work their way up. The first line is the foundation, it’s about structure and essence. It’s about taking things apart to understand their fundamental level. It’s about building things, it’s about the assembly line and the joy of digging your hands into the clay. It’s about the soil, the prima materia, the self. The first line always asks us to consider the fundamentals, the most essential, and get deeply deeply grounded in that.


The second line is about two. It’s about the yin-and-yang. It’s about life as a dance. It’s about partnerships and passion and romance. The second line is water, it’s about flow, it’s about dynamism. The second line invites us to trust our natural gifts, to move through life with ease. The shadows of the second line lie in the co-dependent, sadomasochistic, push-and-pull dynamics that so often skew the flow of energy from one party to another.


The third line is about experience, expansion, experimentation. It’s about pleasure, joy, pushing boundaries, trying the unknown. It’s the line of fire and breakthrough! The third lines values process over result, the third line is an invitation to enjoy the trip, to play the game of life with beginner’s mind 🙂 The shadows of the third line include not seeing things through to the end, shadow evasion, self-destructive risk-taking and so on…

multi-petal-out-1024x981 The fourth line is the heart chakra! It is the line of community, of the many coming together as one. The fourth line governs our sense of belonging, it asks us to contribute our gifts to the community in a spirit of charity. The fourth line is the line of the server 🙂 The shadows that play out here can be sensed in the tension between conformity and rebellion, the need to cultivate individuality to the benefit of the community, rather than its detriment.


The fifth line is the line of leadership. It’s the line of the voice, of standing just above the community, on the platform, broadcasting your transmission. At its best, the fifth line magically wraps the inner essence of the community in words and ideas. At its worst, the fifth line deceives the community into supporting its own hidden agendas rooted in hatred and fear. As we rise through the lines, the potential for global impact rises as well, and we get a hint for the future potential of mankind, when the highest frequencies of consciousness become truly active through these higher lines.


The sixth line is the line of cosmic perspective! If the fifth line is the line of the Pope, the sixth line is the line of the mystic. It’s the line of reverence. It’s the line of time and depth, of the great teacher. The sixth line weaves those great systems of spirituality that guide us from the beginning of the journey to the very end. And, perhaps most mysterious of all, the sixth line opens to higher dimensions…


What lies beyond the six lines? Beyond the six lines is the mystery that is at the heart of each one of them.

For a greater understanding of the six lines, and how they apply to the Gene Keys hologenetic profile, consider registering for the Golden Path Program!


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