What if I Lost You Tomorrow?

What if I lost you tomorrow?

What if you lost me tomorrow?

We are sand slipping through

One another’s fingers

We can be

Moments of joy

In oceans of turmoil

Or we can be

Awakening to the sunrise

Seeing ourselves

In the breeze

Immortal children

Meeting each other


We can be the light

That makes the whole world shine

Without leaving a trace

We are two lovers

Sitting in the auditorium

Seeing our love reflected on the stage

In ways too beautiful and funny

They take our breath away

On the stage is you

And on the stage is me

But if all the actors leave

The curtains come down

And the lights go out

I’ll still feel you breathing

Right there next to me

I won’t know where I end

And you begin

With eyes closed

I am your whole

And you are my whole

We are


What if I lost you tomorrow?

Would you come find me?

Would I feel your smile

On the light of the sun?

Would I see you play

In the eyes of every child?

Would I hear your kind wisdom

Through a million voices

Ringing with insight?

Would I hear your voice

In another’s laughter

In some far-away music that strolls

Down a cobble-stone street

In a park somewhere?

If I lost you tomorrow

Would I meet you again


What if you lost me tomorrow?

Would you cry until you started to laugh

And would you laugh so deeply

That your whole life became a laughter?

Would you keep dancing?

And, dancing, meet me

As the wind picks up

And a leaf brushes against your leg

And the sound of friends laughing

Shatters your lonely silence?

Would you walk in my footsteps?

Would you meet me in the meadows of Mt Shasta?

Would you meet me in meditation

or contemplation

in my favorite book

or movie

or song?

Would you trace my ending

To my beginning

And find

That I was a circle all along?

And that you,

You too are a circle?

And seeing this, would you find

That I am still sitting right there beside you

In the empty theatre

That is your heart

Where we can never lose one another

Because we were never two

To begin with?

I love you, my dear

Now and forever


One thought on “What if I Lost You Tomorrow?”

  1. I am beginning to feel the invitation of the Gene keys. The figure itself is lovely. I got my free profile some time ago, but couldn’t understand anything about it, or what the numbers on it are, so I put it aside. Obviously it will take some time, step by step, which I can explore on the website through the links, and it is warming up again. Can you email me about it, Tom? thanks.

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