The Sun Hermit is the declaration of a new religion. This religion has always existed. It is written in the stars, in the clouds, on turtles’ shells. It is the religion preached by rivers and giggling newborns. It is a religion without priests or prophets. Birth is its baptism, and our first step is its confirmation.

Beneath the great dome of the sky sits the Sun Hermit. For a moment, there is no past or future. To the Sun Hermit, we are all children. There is nothing to learn, only games to play. And yet, there is a call…

The Sun Hermit is an epic quest of the highest degree. Setting aside everything heard and remembered, the Sun Hermit asks: “What is freedom?” Every step embodies the question so that, perhaps, every step may embody the answer.

The Sun Hermit is a grand synthesis of two contagious energies. The Sun is radiance, the blessing which keeps on blessing. None have to beg the Sun to rise, nor does the Sun ask us to prove our worth. The Sun simply shines.

The Sun is a chain reaction of nuclear detonations, much like a small child. The Sun radiates joy and delight; the Sun invites us into ecstatic warmth. The Sun is the spirit of adventure.

The Hermit is the silent inner quest. The Hermit turns away from what is familiar and comfortable and wanders into the darkness. The Hermit has no guide but his inner voice. The Hermit has lost everything but his longing for Truth.

The marriage of these two great archetypes is an ideal which beckons us forward. The Sun Hermit is an invitation to conduct life as an experiment. The Sun Hermit is an invocation to greatness.

Most importantly, the Sun Hermit is a living force. May it awaken in all those who are ready to receive it with love, delight and gratitude. May the Sun Hermit pave the way to eternal freedom!


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