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Sacred Geometry ~ Durga Yantra

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Days of Rapture

More beauty of Santa Cruz, this wonderful time as the temperature drops, people outside put on more layers and everyone has the glow of the fireplace. Autumn is here, new shades of orange and red come out to play, and there is a growing peace as nature goes gently into the night of Winter.

So blessed by all this beauty that comes to meet the camera, and through the lens there is a growing appreciation for the dance of light and shadow. There is a deepening communion with nature, as well as with the technology, with the camera and the way it captures light and color. What a wonderful gift, to be able to cultivate both at the same time! To connect with a tree, and then transmit this connection through the beauty and simplicity of an image…

May we all benefit from the healing power of nature 🙂

Thanks for looking, may your eyes open wide to the beauty all around!


Sacred Geometry: Florescence

An assortment of photographs and mandalas to bring us back into the awareness of beauty, harmony, and the still point in the heart of the storm. Santa Cruz is a beautiful town, and all the little statues I find here have such an aliveness to them…

May the healing power of nature ebb through these photographs, may we all remember the solace that is to be found in trees, flowers, sunlight and rain. May all beings be happy and blessed.

Thank you for looking!


This House is a Home



This house is a home–

Yes, it has a history

Negative and positive lines

Criss-cross the globe

What becomes tangible

Is what you call forth


This house is a home

It is more than a function

It is an aliveness

It comes complete

With spirits and deities

It invites your dreams and dragons

Your desire to believe

Willingness to receive


This house is a home

It responds to the touch

It creaks and groans

It plays with your perception

This house is part of nature

Dispel the erroneous perception

That these walls exist

To keep nature out

These walls are permeable membranes

These windows are eyes

These doors represent unity

Not separation


This house is a home

And this home is a sanctuary

It is a nexus of love and light

It is a place to be safe

Safe enough to face fears

Safe enough to start a revolution

Within yourself

This home is a vortex

It is hungry for beauty

It calls your soul to it

It wants to heal and be healed

It is very much alive

And it is very much my home



I am so blessed to have this place as my home. May it provide a strong foundation to help me carry out my work in the world. May this home be a space of love, joy and awakening. May all beings benefit from what happens within these walls. May we all be safe and protected in this space.