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In all honesty, the greatest service you can do to me, this blog, and the spirit of the Sun Hermit is to love and follow your creative joy. There have been times in my life where I had everything I could ever want at my fingertips and I was apathetic and miserable. There have been times where I had very little and spent a great deal of my day feeling hungry… but elated with freedom and the communion known only to hermits and the homeless.

I still often feel uncomfortable asking for money. I know how hard it can be to make money, and my heart just wants to go on giving without asking for anything. And I will. It is my joy to give and explore life through creativity.

What I have found, however, is that when another person invests in your work, and makes a conscious effort to support what you’re doing, it’s a powerful motivator to keep doing it, and improve it. You get the incomparable satisfaction of having reached someone, and you’re no longer just working for your own edification.  I’ve been blessed to see that happen more and more for the projects I’ve invested myself in.  It’s an ongoing journey. I cast the bait, but I can’t force anyone to bite. All is grace.


So here is an invitation for your psychic / emotional / financial investment. A prayer is an investment. A prayer and a blessing, that my art continues to evolve, that it brings me into deeper communion with the source of all creation, and that I be blessed with the spirit of prosperity, so I can share it with all. Some words of kindness and encouragement are an investment. We all have our own abundance, and we can share in whatever way we feel called to. If you are in a position of financial abundance and feel moved to support my art & life journey, here are some options:

Be a patron

You could support my work directly through a one-time or monthly donation. Patronage would allow me to focus my energy totally on service or creativity, and offer my gifts free of charge. One of my favorite things to do is Gene Keys counseling, often with younger people who can’t afford to compensate me. I love to distribute art and gifts on the street and demonstrate the spirit of unconditional giving and love. But that’s not feasible when I can’t afford to print my art or spend all day working.

As a patron, you would be in a unique position to inspire and guide my work. I would happily send you updates of what I’m working on, and if there’s anything you’re particularly inspired by I would in turn feel inspired to pour more energy and devotion into it.

So here are some links if you feel called to be a contemporary patron of the spiritual arts!

One-time donation:


 Monthly ($75) donation:


Purchase art / music / services


Right now I have three main avenues I use to distribute my art, music and services. For art, I use ArtPal, an online gallery that lets me display my mandalas and photography and allows you to purchase prints, canvas prints and framed prints.

For music, I use Bandcamp which allows me to directly distribute my music as albums or individual tracks.

And for services, I use Fiverr, which allows me to offer services at $5. Fiverr is a fun way to share love, creativity and joy through little gigs that don’t take much time and don’t come at a great expense. If I can get enough Fiverr gigs, I can spend a good portion of my day just doing fun little projects to make people happy, like taking pictures of flowers or sending out video blessings.

Right now, I’m also offering personal mandala creation, Gene Keys sessions, and healing songs through Fiverr. These are all involved services that take the better part of a day to complete, but I love doing them so much that I’m offering them at a miniscule price. This allows me to feel that I’m sharing these services in a selfless spirit. But it’s unlikely that I’ll offer these services in this way forever, so if you’re curious don’t hesitate! 🙂

Blossoming is Effortless


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and take interest in these projects. May you be blessed, prosperous, in deep self-love and creative fulfillment that is the basis of all prosperity. May you enjoy the simple reality of being and awaken to the wholeness that is now.

I give thanks for all that I have received. I give thanks for the ability to pursue what I love, and share it with others. I give thanks for all those who have supported and guided me on my path. I give thanks for my incredible parents, my incomparable brother, and my glowing, loving girlfriend. I give thanks for all my friends, may I be able to support their paths as they have supported mine. I give thanks for the bounties of the Earth and the mysteries of the Heavens. I give thanks for the invisible spirit that breathes life into all and calls us home. I give thanks for music and art and all sciences of the mystery.

I give thanks for you!

May we all be blessed 😀

Big Buddha Blessings


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