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Sacred Geometry ~ Durga Yantra

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i am

i am prosperity

abundant perfect peace


and i must sail

the seas of danger

to kindle the fire of my

perfect immortal knowing

i must release the titans

to restore balance to the universe

i must

ride the hydra and unleash

its power

within myself.

i am becoming

i am the unfolding

i am the florescence of the world

as worlds themselves

are flowers

of different shades and harmonics

and the background



as good and evil and yet


this is the only answer

that lurks behind all questions

and all seeking

the hand of GOD

is a hand that draws


in the sand

and washes them away

with the love of the Ocean


your holy scriptures

are only


drawn in the sand

as you approach

the Ocean of Knowing.

your beliefs

and your


are only

the waters that

prepare you

for not-knowing.

your annointments

are only the sweet


that relax your mind

with memories

of your mothers.

but here

you will go beyond

even the most



to that which


altogether beyond




because the world of form

is pure


perceptions birthing their


reflections, and here

you move


the nowhere plane

of the mirror


you are not on the side

of Earth or Heaven,

God or man.

you are within,

in the vanishing point

of the real–

the real that steals

the footing

of all illusions.

The Burning Heart



All this beauty inside my heart

I would share it with you now

It tears me open

It invites me into darkness

Not as a spectator

As a lover, a mother

As the one in the heart of it all

Crying, wretched, forlorn

Forsaken by the world

Reborn as the world

Surrendering to ultimate death

Transcending death

Everything brimming with light

Touching the tender synapse raw nerves

Fire burning fire ecstatic

The most delicate hands

And everything burns away save

A single eye

Unfathomable fathoms

You are this! You are this! You are!

Zen swords pierce woven veils of self and other

Lightning like illumined mind pierces

And leaps without warning

And lands in the center of gravity

No floor, no falling

Circling the light that circles the dark

Slow spiral grooves smooth-ass jazz

Angels on sax

And oceans of warm feedback in a London nightclub

Everyone breathing in syncopated harmony

Without knowing

Not needing to know

Lost, blissfully lost

Awareness coming home

Takings its shoes off

Stoking the fire

Sinking into the recliner

And waiting for her to arrive

To come home


for Bird

Days of Rapture

More beauty of Santa Cruz, this wonderful time as the temperature drops, people outside put on more layers and everyone has the glow of the fireplace. Autumn is here, new shades of orange and red come out to play, and there is a growing peace as nature goes gently into the night of Winter.

So blessed by all this beauty that comes to meet the camera, and through the lens there is a growing appreciation for the dance of light and shadow. There is a deepening communion with nature, as well as with the technology, with the camera and the way it captures light and color. What a wonderful gift, to be able to cultivate both at the same time! To connect with a tree, and then transmit this connection through the beauty and simplicity of an image…

May we all benefit from the healing power of nature 🙂

Thanks for looking, may your eyes open wide to the beauty all around!


Sacred Geometry: Florescence

An assortment of photographs and mandalas to bring us back into the awareness of beauty, harmony, and the still point in the heart of the storm. Santa Cruz is a beautiful town, and all the little statues I find here have such an aliveness to them…

May the healing power of nature ebb through these photographs, may we all remember the solace that is to be found in trees, flowers, sunlight and rain. May all beings be happy and blessed.

Thank you for looking!


Sacred Geometry: David’s Harmony


The Star of David is a universal symbol for harmony, the integration of opposites, expanding and contracting forces in perfect equilibrium. It points to stillness in form, to the perfect beauty of consciousness, which is beyond tension and conflict. These images play with the six-fold symmetry of the Star of David in pulses, suggesting rhythm, movement, and sound.

Thanks for looking! Many blessings 🙂