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Love is Awakening

dining hall

For the most part, there is not very much happening. The clouds drift across the sky, the river meanders to the Ocean. And the song of the Ocean is an endless lullaby, the divine breath that carries the infinitesimal movements of countless beings. This vast, teeming emptiness is that silent, all-pervasive consciousness that we ourselves are. Limits only exist within the limitless. There is only this invitation to surrender to this, your own Presence, timeless, carefree, witness to all that is…

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~~ Om shanti shanti shanti om ~~




What do they mean

These little synchronicities

Showing up unexpectedly

And so many write them off

As “just coincidence”

Yes, a co-incidence

Of time and the timeless

A dialogue

Between past and future

Between reality and illusion

The higher realms saying “Hi!”

A sign that you’re on the right path

Because you’re on the path!

A miracle, a bird song

Is a miracle too

And what is the meaning

In a bird song?

Are birds just incapable

Of silence?

Is it a functional message

From a little biological computer

To its spatio-temporal neighbors?

Ah, perception and interpretation

Are not seperable

I asked that beautiful cactus

Why do you grow?

What’s in it for you?

And I got my answer

Oh, expansion!

Oh, contraction!


Yes, I see

The bliss is in no why

No why is liberation

Yes, this is the way

So far from this human experience

So I will appreciate the absurdity

While it lasts

I can cry!

I can worry!

I can be afraid

I can be angry

And I can unravel these tendencies

And move back into

The bliss of no why

What a miracle

To be so free

In a world of


Good Ol’ Joe

Joe disappeared into a pit of bliss

I don’t think any of us saw it coming

He used to be a pretty normal guy

Now he’s rolling on the floor humming

I tried to get him to snap out of it

Because I’m sure he’ll lose his job

Employers aren’t quick to understand

Nor is the angry mob

That always seems to begrudge the blissful

And cover them with stones

I guess they just don’t want that joy

Sneaking in their homes

Of course there’s something to be said

For keeping a cool head

And yet it’s OK to be dramatic

But weird to be ecstatic

Yeah I tried to get Joe to snap out of it

I said, “Remember your wife and daughter!”

But that only made him hum and laugh

Harder, harder, and harder

I think I see where he’s coming from

If it’s anywhere at all

The carpet on the floor feels nice

And when I touch the walls

They feel like they’re buzzing with his bliss

They feel like they’re laughing at us

And soon enough I started to slip

My resistance was rendered useless!