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What do they mean

These little synchronicities

Showing up unexpectedly

And so many write them off

As “just coincidence”

Yes, a co-incidence

Of time and the timeless

A dialogue

Between past and future

Between reality and illusion

The higher realms saying “Hi!”

A sign that you’re on the right path

Because you’re on the path!

A miracle, a bird song

Is a miracle too

And what is the meaning

In a bird song?

Are birds just incapable

Of silence?

Is it a functional message

From a little biological computer

To its spatio-temporal neighbors?

Ah, perception and interpretation

Are not seperable

I asked that beautiful cactus

Why do you grow?

What’s in it for you?

And I got my answer

Oh, expansion!

Oh, contraction!


Yes, I see

The bliss is in no why

No why is liberation

Yes, this is the way

So far from this human experience

So I will appreciate the absurdity

While it lasts

I can cry!

I can worry!

I can be afraid

I can be angry

And I can unravel these tendencies

And move back into

The bliss of no why

What a miracle

To be so free

In a world of