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Love is Awakening

dining hall

For the most part, there is not very much happening. The clouds drift across the sky, the river meanders to the Ocean. And the song of the Ocean is an endless lullaby, the divine breath that carries the infinitesimal movements of countless beings. This vast, teeming emptiness is that silent, all-pervasive consciousness that we ourselves are. Limits only exist within the limitless. There is only this invitation to surrender to this, your own Presence, timeless, carefree, witness to all that is…

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~~ Om shanti shanti shanti om ~~


Gene Keys: an Introduction


Gene Keys Website

What are the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys are a contemporary spiritual transmission. They are a living wisdom that have the extraordinary capacity to transform your life.

The Gene Keys combine the wisdom of I Ching with our modern understanding of DNA to create a contemplative guide. This exquisite work brings together many divergent spiritual traditions and opens up new dimensions of scientific understanding. However, the Gene Keys are not really intended to deliver a comprehensive, logical understanding of how the world works. In many ways, the Gene Keys are an initiation into the vast mystery of existence.

The Gene Keys are a map of human consciousness. They describe three manifestations of consciousness: the shadow, the gift, and the siddhi. The shadow is made up of disallowed subconscious fears and desires that are either repressed and projected externally. The Gene Keys are an invitation to face our shadows and allow them to reveal their gifts, which is the journey of personal transformation. Through this process, we learn to open our hearts and share our creative genius with the world. This allows us to learn the true meaning of genius, love and prosperity.

The siddhic consciousness is that elusive enlightened state which so many strive for, but which the Gene Keys point to as the true, underlying nature of all states, unchanging and untainted.

The Art of Contemplation

The Gene Keys are also a doorway into the wonderful art of contemplation. Contemplation combines the focused effort and discipline of yoga with the effortless awareness of tantra. In contemplation, we train our minds on a concept or koan, and allow insights to unfold naturally, in their own time.

These insights are not just intellectual, but can be emotional and even deeply physical. These are contemplations that bring us back to the body, to our breath and our bones, and mutate the very quality of our awareness.

The Gene Keys are a slow, patient path of self-illumination. Gene Keys is a book! It is a tome of wisdom that encompasses and unites many disparate spiritual traditions into a golden braid of perennial wisdom. It is for all those who long to hold the keys of understanding, but find that every path they explore seems to leave something out, or feels like a limitation.


The Gene Keys recognize that the human spirit is boundless, and structures and paths are meant to empower us, not limit us with outdated dogma. Love goes on evolving, it goes on breaking its own rules and overstepping its own limitations. This is the playful and joyous journey that the Gene Keys invite us on! We are imbibing a wisdom that is coded into the very structure of reality, and we are making it our own by bringing our own unique spirit to it.

My Personal Journey

My own journey with the Gene Keys has spanned four years and has evolved in stages. At first I only had the book, and I got sucked into its insights, vision of the future and impeccable structure. It was incredible! I couldn’t believe its depth, scope, and also simplicity! Honestly, I was pretty mesmerized. I had always had this longing for a spiritual classic that wasn’t from Ancient China or biblical times, but written in a contemporary style and in plain English. Gene Keys delivered. This book became, very quickly, my “Bible.”

There are 64 separate “keys,” and I must have read each one several times. And slowly, the work faded into the background. Different things came into my life–farming, meditation, but the Gene Keys was always there as a supportive friend smiling on the sidelines.

About a year or two later, I finally found my own personal “hologenetic” profile (read more here). The Gene Keys came alive once again, as it took on a greater personal relevance. Now I knew my life’s work, my purpose, my spiritual intelligence and so on 😉

I was once again sucked into this magical journey of love, light, and laughter.

Another year went by, and the Gene Keys Golden Path was released. Richard Rudd, the creator of the Gene Keys, started a website elucidating the Gene Keys and offering an online program to lead people through their profile to understand the Gene Keys at a deeper level. This program has three components, addressing one’s creative genius, opening the heart, and unlocking prosperity.

There are lots of programs out there that claim to help one do these things, and lots of people are drawn to them based on what they resonate with. Gene Keys always appealed to me based on its succinct clarity. The truths found in the Gene Keys are immediate and apparent, and simple to practice. Many new things seem to have been triggered as I’ve explored this program. I fell in love, and now I am making the first steps to really put myself out there and understand my own personal meaning of prosperity and community.

My whole journey with the Gene Keys has been one of love. Something about it just spoke very deeply to me, and now I find myself devoted to sharing it with others. It brings me such a great joy, and there is a process of “embodiment” that happens as we share this wisdom. We become the wisdom. When we speak the truth, we become the truth. When we see the light in others, we become the light, we see it everywhere. It’s an incredible journey, one that I am immensely grateful for.

In Conclusion…

I hope you appreciate this sharing. The links in this article, in addition to providing further resources should you wish to explore the Gene Keys, are also affiliate links for me so that I can help support myself as I do the work I feel called to do. If you are inclined to purchase anything through the website, I would be immensely grateful if you used one of these links.

I am happy to help you explore this system further, if you are so inclined. If you have any questions or things you’d like to understand in greater depth, I am here for you. If you would like a taste of your profile to see if the Golden Path is something for you, I’d be happy to have a Skype interview with you. Just leave a comment and I’ll be in touch!

Thank you so much for reading, and if you enjoyed this article, please share it with others! Many blessings on your path 🙂


The Star: Symbol of Wealth and Abundance


I’ve been working with the pentagram form today as a meditation on abundance, what it means, and what my relationship is with wealth, prosperity, and money. The meditation is on-going. It is a process, and not necessarily one that reaches a clear end-point. There is much that can be said about money, privilege, authority and manipulation. I’m not really interested in going into these things.

The pentagram relates to abundance because it has strong connections to fractal growth. The fibonacci ratio, one of the simplest fractals, is coded into the pentagram, and the sunflower! DNA, the basis of all life, is based on a ten-fold geometry, which is two intertwined pentagrams. When you have activity on your wordpress account, you see a little star: the star, celebrities, wealth, power! The stars rule over us, guide our fate, they can lift us to the heights or dash our dreams to the ground.

The nature of life is to expand, to grow, to consume but also be consumed. Life is always trying out new experiences. And property, really, is an illusion. We don’t own the present moment, or the experiences that come. We can try to hold on to them, and protect them, but whatever appears must also disappear. And truly, what appears and disappears doesn’t really have any substance to begin with, it only appears to to the mind.

So what can we really do but surrender? The appearance and disappearance of money in our lives reflects the movement of energy behind all things, spontaneous, unpredictable, sometimes painful and sometimes pleasurable. Is there any purpose at all in trying to manifest abundance for ourselves? Or is this just another attempt to control something which cannot be controlled?

We can only offer our little gifts to life. They may spread and take on a life of their own, or they may not. I am not really interested in manipulating anyone to make money for a sense of security in life. My sense of security comes through staying true to my own spirit and understanding, which is always changing. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? To get a sense of security through something that is always changing? Well, it’s the surrender itself that brings the security. Because when you’re surrendered, it doesn’t really matter what happens!

Well, that’s where I’m at. It doesn’t really matter, so we might as well laugh and enjoy the ride! So here are some images to use as archetypal guides in exploring the nature of consciousness, form, and abundance. I hope you enjoy them. If you feel like it, you can follow the link at the bottom of the post and buy some prints so that I can buy food, pay rent, and get the resources to make more gifts to share with the world 🙂

Many blessings!




flower of life 11 23 12 (2)


Unity changes everything


There are two worlds:

the world of unity

and the world of separation


The world of separation

sets us against each other

and even if we come together

as teams

it is to defeat another team


The world of separation

longs for unity

and seeks unity

but remains unwilling

to let go

of separation


The world of separation

is very complicated

identities are built

around rules

that have nothing to do

with the natural flow

of life


The world of separation

demands much work

to be maintained–

aggression meets defenses

that calcify

and defensiveness attracts aggression

that intensifies

no power great enough!

no defense strong enough!

never seeing the truth behind the fear

never finding the peace after the war

because there is no unity

in separation


The world of separation

is uncomfortable

and always threatened

by death

by unity


The world of unity

is truth

truth beyond concepts

which divide reality

providing illusory solid ground

where the mind feels comfortable

for a little while

until it starts slipping


The world of unity

is truth

the truth of the simple experience

which we share

which, in those happy moments of gathering

does not need words

or rules

because we come without expectations

naked, stripped of our fears

to look in one another’s eyes

and see only


i am seeing

you are seeing

this is all


The world of unity

provides each moment

as a challenge

to abandon



The world of unity

blossoms in the spaces

of what previously appeared

to be solid

and so, magically,

paths open up

which we never believed possible


The world of unity

is in service to the whole

simply by being



The world is a reflection

of perspective

seen from the periphery

it appears imperfect

but when the center sees itself

all things gather together

meeting as one

and unity changes everything





She is made

Of gold and silver rays

And everywhere I go She meets me

With elemental charm




Is the soul’s reflection

In the mirror of eternity

At least, that’s what I read

In a poem


In a poem

Things don’t have to make sense

Making sense is tiresome business

And sometimes we all need

A short break


A short break

Can sometimes be the way

Life reminds us of our true nature

A short break in the flow

Of a dream


How to end

What has no beginning?

Can life itself be neatly wrapped up

All the characters ushered orderly off stage

Until the theater is empty

Eternally empty

Could it be?


I am old

And also, I am young

How can I be both at once, you ask?

Here, lean in close to me

And I’ll tell…


My oldness

Lies in knowing nothing

Whereas my youth, on the other hand,

Lies in all the mistakes

Left to make



Is just a word until

You really start to become aware

That everything you know

Makes no sense


Stories are

The only way She knows

To give the most important message:

Please, try not to panic

You made it



Time Stands Still For Me

The Persistence of Memory

Time stands still for me

Or like the rhythm of a song

We dance in and out of time

I haven’t left you

And you haven’t left me

We’ve just danced out of the moment

That brought us together

And eventually we’ll dance back in

Time expands and contracts

The breath of God

Infinite lifetimes seem to stretch

In all directions from the now

Myriad reflections and possibilities

Unfolding as we wish it

Red carpets that roll from

The center of our hearts

And then roll back in

The purity of solitude

Where there is only consciousness

Only ever has been

Time stands still for me

Even as it races forward

Toward what seems to be the end

But time itself cannot end

And I am time

Even when I am out of time

On time, or off time,

Too much time, too little time

Still, I am time

And time itself cannot end