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Sacred Geometry ~ Treading

Here are all the mandalas that went into the video I posted recently. I welcome you to download them and use them as an aid for meditation. The merkaba is a particularly powerful and simple mandala. The essence of the mandala is the point with the circle around it–the ineffable self. The two intersecting tetrahedron show the play of opposites, yin and yang, the dual aspects of the psyche or any situation. By seeing them in perfect harmony, we invite that harmony into our own psyche, or the situation we may be contemplating. Enjoy!

mandala_n mandala_m mandala_l mandala_k mandala_j mandala_i mandala_h mandala_g mandala_f mandala_e mandala_d mandala_c mandala_b mandala_a

❤ ❤ ❤


Days of Rapture

More beauty of Santa Cruz, this wonderful time as the temperature drops, people outside put on more layers and everyone has the glow of the fireplace. Autumn is here, new shades of orange and red come out to play, and there is a growing peace as nature goes gently into the night of Winter.

So blessed by all this beauty that comes to meet the camera, and through the lens there is a growing appreciation for the dance of light and shadow. There is a deepening communion with nature, as well as with the technology, with the camera and the way it captures light and color. What a wonderful gift, to be able to cultivate both at the same time! To connect with a tree, and then transmit this connection through the beauty and simplicity of an image…

May we all benefit from the healing power of nature 🙂

Thanks for looking, may your eyes open wide to the beauty all around!


Sacred Geometry: Florescence

An assortment of photographs and mandalas to bring us back into the awareness of beauty, harmony, and the still point in the heart of the storm. Santa Cruz is a beautiful town, and all the little statues I find here have such an aliveness to them…

May the healing power of nature ebb through these photographs, may we all remember the solace that is to be found in trees, flowers, sunlight and rain. May all beings be happy and blessed.

Thank you for looking!


Sacred Geometry: David’s Harmony


The Star of David is a universal symbol for harmony, the integration of opposites, expanding and contracting forces in perfect equilibrium. It points to stillness in form, to the perfect beauty of consciousness, which is beyond tension and conflict. These images play with the six-fold symmetry of the Star of David in pulses, suggesting rhythm, movement, and sound.

Thanks for looking! Many blessings 🙂


The Star: Symbol of Wealth and Abundance


I’ve been working with the pentagram form today as a meditation on abundance, what it means, and what my relationship is with wealth, prosperity, and money. The meditation is on-going. It is a process, and not necessarily one that reaches a clear end-point. There is much that can be said about money, privilege, authority and manipulation. I’m not really interested in going into these things.

The pentagram relates to abundance because it has strong connections to fractal growth. The fibonacci ratio, one of the simplest fractals, is coded into the pentagram, and the sunflower! DNA, the basis of all life, is based on a ten-fold geometry, which is two intertwined pentagrams. When you have activity on your wordpress account, you see a little star: the star, celebrities, wealth, power! The stars rule over us, guide our fate, they can lift us to the heights or dash our dreams to the ground.

The nature of life is to expand, to grow, to consume but also be consumed. Life is always trying out new experiences. And property, really, is an illusion. We don’t own the present moment, or the experiences that come. We can try to hold on to them, and protect them, but whatever appears must also disappear. And truly, what appears and disappears doesn’t really have any substance to begin with, it only appears to to the mind.

So what can we really do but surrender? The appearance and disappearance of money in our lives reflects the movement of energy behind all things, spontaneous, unpredictable, sometimes painful and sometimes pleasurable. Is there any purpose at all in trying to manifest abundance for ourselves? Or is this just another attempt to control something which cannot be controlled?

We can only offer our little gifts to life. They may spread and take on a life of their own, or they may not. I am not really interested in manipulating anyone to make money for a sense of security in life. My sense of security comes through staying true to my own spirit and understanding, which is always changing. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? To get a sense of security through something that is always changing? Well, it’s the surrender itself that brings the security. Because when you’re surrendered, it doesn’t really matter what happens!

Well, that’s where I’m at. It doesn’t really matter, so we might as well laugh and enjoy the ride! So here are some images to use as archetypal guides in exploring the nature of consciousness, form, and abundance. I hope you enjoy them. If you feel like it, you can follow the link at the bottom of the post and buy some prints so that I can buy food, pay rent, and get the resources to make more gifts to share with the world 🙂

Many blessings!