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Sacred Geometry ~ Treading

Here are all the mandalas that went into the video I posted recently. I welcome you to download them and use them as an aid for meditation. The merkaba is a particularly powerful and simple mandala. The essence of the mandala is the point with the circle around it–the ineffable self. The two intersecting tetrahedron show the play of opposites, yin and yang, the dual aspects of the psyche or any situation. By seeing them in perfect harmony, we invite that harmony into our own psyche, or the situation we may be contemplating. Enjoy!

mandala_n mandala_m mandala_l mandala_k mandala_j mandala_i mandala_h mandala_g mandala_f mandala_e mandala_d mandala_c mandala_b mandala_a

❤ ❤ ❤

i am

i am prosperity

abundant perfect peace


and i must sail

the seas of danger

to kindle the fire of my

perfect immortal knowing

i must release the titans

to restore balance to the universe

i must

ride the hydra and unleash

its power

within myself.

i am becoming

i am the unfolding

i am the florescence of the world

as worlds themselves

are flowers

of different shades and harmonics

and the background



as good and evil and yet


this is the only answer

that lurks behind all questions

and all seeking

the hand of GOD

is a hand that draws


in the sand

and washes them away

with the love of the Ocean


your holy scriptures

are only


drawn in the sand

as you approach

the Ocean of Knowing.

your beliefs

and your


are only

the waters that

prepare you

for not-knowing.

your annointments

are only the sweet


that relax your mind

with memories

of your mothers.

but here

you will go beyond

even the most



to that which


altogether beyond




because the world of form

is pure


perceptions birthing their


reflections, and here

you move


the nowhere plane

of the mirror


you are not on the side

of Earth or Heaven,

God or man.

you are within,

in the vanishing point

of the real–

the real that steals

the footing

of all illusions.

Little Island

Singing Winds

A soulful kirtan

Through laptop speakers

Windchimes sing

In approving harmony

The wind ebbs the

Breath of Ram

Osho says:

“Longing is divine

Until it takes an object

Then it becomes mundane.”

These waves of longing

Crashing on the shores

Of consciousness

A consciousness so vast…

This is where awareness is drawn

This vastness

Which contains so much

Joy and sorrow

Stories of self and other

Are too small

To contain such vastness

So I sink


To the oceanic sound

Of the harmonium

The depth

Of the human voice

The soft carress

Of the wind

The aimless sauntering

Of bird calls

And here I am, here I am,

Stories help me to navigate

To hold a home, feed myself,

Communicate with others

(The real gem!)

But they are held lightly

So that maybe

In some miraculous moment

They will wash away

And leave me alone

With silence

And vastness

And peace, and love

With being

Just being

And some unknown power

Will see through my eyes

Reach out

Through my limbs


With my mind

And explode into the world

Like those first rays of sunlight

Perpetually blessing all beings

In timeless ecstasy

Well, what do I know?

For now, I sit

And drink tea

And enjoy this little island

Of serenity


Hello, dear ones!

Yesterday, just in time for Amma’s birthday, I released a CD online. I’ve decided to call it Devotion, and release it under the moniker Tomas Muriel


Most of my life I’ve gone by the name Tom, but before I was born my Dad wanted to name me Tomas. My Mom wanted Tom, and she won 😉 Using the name Tomas is about honoring my Dad and the qualities he has brought into my life, stability, confidence, competence, hard work and perseverance.

Muriel is a name that came to me while I was contemplating my guardian angel. It came in and felt right. Uriel is a more well-known angel, the angel of fire and light. Muriel, for me, is Ma + Uriel, the M brings in the presence of the Holy Mother and softens Uriel’s fire into a graceful, guiding light. Like Kuan Yin, Muriel for me is androgynous, a marriage of masculine and feminine qualities. Muriel can be male or female, depending on your perspective, or what you need in the moment. What a scary thing, to be so undefined!

According to this webpage, Muriel allows us to get in touch with our deepest emotions, which is what writing this music has been all about for me. According to this page, Muriel is the angel of healing pets, finding love and peace, and making your garden grow! I love this tenderness and innocence. I love pets, flowers and children. This is where I really see the divine, in the effortless blossoming of a flower, in the ecstatic playfulness and boundless energy of a child, in the simple being of a pet’s presence. And making this music has been about growing my garden, about tending to the blossoms of my soul and seeing what emerges from my own process of diving into the emotional depths.

My prayer is that I can share all of this through the music I have created, in the service of bringing us all closer to the divine. I have found that devotion is not always a comfortable process, as it takes us through the dark night of the soul and destabilizes our ideas about who we are, why we are here, and what the future holds. In true devotion, everything is shaken to the very core, and all we can do is cry out to some power that seems so very far from our hearts…

This album is existential, it is not about ideas about this spiritual tradition or the other, or right and wrong ways to live. It is about recognizing the common human themes that bridge all the various traditions and cultural expressions of the world. It is about seeing every song as a song of longing and satisfaction, praise and plea, separation and reunion, fall and redemption. It is about surrendering to our own emotional nature, and finding a peace or freedom in that very surrender. That is the invitation I extend through this music, and I hope you take it.

I hope you listen, enjoy, allow yourself to be moved, and share this with anyone you feel would be open to receiving it. And even if you don’t, I hope this joy brings you some inspiration of your own. Many blessings, may you all be happy.

With love,



How easy it is to be free

To simply be

To sit with the light and dark

Knowing them both well

Our two oldest friends

As thoughts dance




Shifting winds

Melodies emerging from harmony

And melting back

In the ocean


How easy it is to be free

And let go of drama

No one to attack, judge, or blame

Because this is misery

And who needs misery

When there is freedom?

The freedom to simply love

And sit with love

And get to know love

And ask about love…

Where does it come from?

Can it run out?

And in the pain, and grief, and fear

Ask the question:

Is there still love?

Is it still here?


Yes, even here

Love remains


How easy it is to be free

When there is nothing to accomplish

Nothing that needs to be said or done

Nothing to fix in the world,

Or in others

Let God do all the work

He is much better at it anyway

All I ever did was get in the way

How easy it is to be free

When all it takes is surrender