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The Six Lines

This article is about the six lines of the I Ching hexagram, and how they can be understood as a universal pattern that can be applied to any field of inquiry. In particular, this article focuses on the Gene Keys transmission and its use of the six lines to understand different aspects of the human psyche.

Here are three hexagrams, and as you can see, each is composed of six lines:


In the Gene Keys transmission, every hexagram represents a quality of consciousness, a different aspect of what it means to be a self-aware being, and also a path for unveiling the eternal in the play of illusions.

The six lines offer us six perspectives, six angles of approach for the 64 universal qualities of consciousness. They range from the 1st line, the ground and foundation of the house, to the 6th line, the crow’s nest of the boat. By contemplating the six lines, their progression, and their mutations as they are applied, a simple and intuitive way of mapping our reality becomes available. We are invited to see the gifts and the pitfalls of each line, and relax ever more fully into our own embodiment.


The lines begin at the bottom and work their way up. The first line is the foundation, it’s about structure and essence. It’s about taking things apart to understand their fundamental level. It’s about building things, it’s about the assembly line and the joy of digging your hands into the clay. It’s about the soil, the prima materia, the self. The first line always asks us to consider the fundamentals, the most essential, and get deeply deeply grounded in that.


The second line is about two. It’s about the yin-and-yang. It’s about life as a dance. It’s about partnerships and passion and romance. The second line is water, it’s about flow, it’s about dynamism. The second line invites us to trust our natural gifts, to move through life with ease. The shadows of the second line lie in the co-dependent, sadomasochistic, push-and-pull dynamics that so often skew the flow of energy from one party to another.


The third line is about experience, expansion, experimentation. It’s about pleasure, joy, pushing boundaries, trying the unknown. It’s the line of fire and breakthrough! The third lines values process over result, the third line is an invitation to enjoy the trip, to play the game of life with beginner’s mind 🙂 The shadows of the third line include not seeing things through to the end, shadow evasion, self-destructive risk-taking and so on…

multi-petal-out-1024x981 The fourth line is the heart chakra! It is the line of community, of the many coming together as one. The fourth line governs our sense of belonging, it asks us to contribute our gifts to the community in a spirit of charity. The fourth line is the line of the server 🙂 The shadows that play out here can be sensed in the tension between conformity and rebellion, the need to cultivate individuality to the benefit of the community, rather than its detriment.


The fifth line is the line of leadership. It’s the line of the voice, of standing just above the community, on the platform, broadcasting your transmission. At its best, the fifth line magically wraps the inner essence of the community in words and ideas. At its worst, the fifth line deceives the community into supporting its own hidden agendas rooted in hatred and fear. As we rise through the lines, the potential for global impact rises as well, and we get a hint for the future potential of mankind, when the highest frequencies of consciousness become truly active through these higher lines.


The sixth line is the line of cosmic perspective! If the fifth line is the line of the Pope, the sixth line is the line of the mystic. It’s the line of reverence. It’s the line of time and depth, of the great teacher. The sixth line weaves those great systems of spirituality that guide us from the beginning of the journey to the very end. And, perhaps most mysterious of all, the sixth line opens to higher dimensions…


What lies beyond the six lines? Beyond the six lines is the mystery that is at the heart of each one of them.

For a greater understanding of the six lines, and how they apply to the Gene Keys hologenetic profile, consider registering for the Golden Path Program!


Guidance & Her Six Lines

Guidance & Her Six Lines

What follows is a creative contemplation of the 7th Gene Key, which is a spectrum of consciousness moving from division to guidance to virtue. The 7th Gene Key asks us to inquire into the true meaning of leadership, and contemplate the roles of virtue and receptivity in how we think of great leaders. This is what came to mind for me as I contemplated the meaning of Guidance and how that meaning shifts through the six lines of the I Ching.

To learn more about the Gene Keys, you can read my introduction and visit the website. And if you’re curious for more guidance, feel free to message me or leave a comment 🙂




Guidance always happens by the beat of the drum. You can still hear the beating of the drum–another time, another place, another dimension… but it lingers, in the deepest realms of the subconscious, the caves and closets of the psyche. These closets are where the monsters lurk, but they’re also portals to other worlds, where different laws prevail and magic is a way of life.

Guidance is an invitation and a seduction, in a way. Isn’t it a part of the human drama to simultaneously desire and resist guidance? We humans are strange beings, divided, conflicted, at war within ourselves and at war with the world. At war with the way things are. We make reality so difficult and complex. Born into this world, we see it through the conceptual language we’ve been taught from birth. The language that turns a tree into a tree, a desk into a desk, a toilet into a toilet. But everything is ineffable. From the very beginning, it is ineffable. It is entirely incomprehensible what anything is.

The living experience of this is exalted, it is fresh, in deep acceptance of pain or discomfort or just plain strangeness life simply blossoms! And virtue, what is virtue? When I think of Virtue, I see an ever-moving, ever-dancing beam of light that races through everything in existence. An eternal string of pure white light, that ties everything neatly together in an endless knot. The Light of Future Time, the ink in which all things are written. It is also a key of light! It spins and twirls as it dances from one lock to the next, which are all like the little chemical triggers of the DNA helix, catalyzing a centrally decentralized process of life-activation, life-scripting and outward expressiveness of the deep-within dance of life that sparks all endlessly.

Life is virtuous. The movement of life, which is expansive and expressive and self-illuminating, is Virtue. It is the essence of Virtue and moving boldly and courageously into the Future. Of embracing the ever-evolving nature of reality fully, in the now, and becoming One with That.

And guidance is just an invitation on this journey. An invitation into the here-now where all roles can be played out and everything that needs to be said can be said so that there is ultimately just a willingness to enter fully into the silence, and become the silence, and allow the silence to move, allow the silence to dance, which is just a sort of settling in of the silence into eternity.

Guidance takes many shapes. First line guidance is creation. This creation itself is guiding you. There is a play in these words, there is rhyme and rythm, form and function, there is something and there is nothing. The text takes you somewhere. Or at least, it seems to. What you see in the text is what you bring to it. The text cannot show you anything you did not already have. It can, at best, mirror something you were missing. Something you were not aware that you are aware of. You are perfect. You are whole. You are exactly where you need to be, you are exactly as you need to be. Maybe you had forgotten that you knew this. In that case, the creation can guide you back to your own space of knowing. But only if you surrender to the guidance. Which is to say, if you recognize that it is true. If you can recognize that Truth is True, then you have already arrived, you don’t need guidance because you are already there. You are the living embodiment of Virtue.

Second line guidance is the dance. Who leads in the dance? And where is the dance leading us to? From my experience, a dance doesn’t really lead anywhere. A great dance is for its own sake. It’s not about courting, it’s not about impressing, you dance because you love to dance. You go out dancing. You come in dancing. You stay dancing. You just dance! All of life is a dance! Everyone and everything is a dancer! Your challenges are dancers, your pleasures are dancers, your mind and body are dancers. Everything is just dancing, dancing, endlessly in love with the dance. That’s where a great dance guides us. Into love. Into loving the dance. Just a dance, just a dance, just an endless dance of words that invite your mind to bring the Light of Life to them and feel, deep, deep in your heart, that to Love the Dance is itself the highest Virtue.

The third line guidance is exploration. Christopher Columbus in the highest sense. This is not the conquering explorer, but the exploring child. The one who says, “Come on, y’all, let’s find out what’s over that hill!” Not to attain dominion over it, not to profit from it, not even because it’s better than what’s over here. Rather, because it will doubtlessly be just as amazing as what’s right here. Not because we’re bored with what’s right here, but because it has flowered, it has sang its song, and now the song of life is calling from over the next hill. Think of a bee going from flower to flower and buzzing with delight, so the other bees follow. That’s the third line guidance. You get so turned on by someone else’s enthusiasm that you can’t help but run after them.

Fourth line guidance. Now we come home. Now we come truly home, to our community, our heart-and-soul network of friends and family who make our lives possible. The people who we depend on and who depend on us. Not in the co-dependent sense, but in the interdependent sense. Not because we need one another to feel whole. We are already whole. But because everything we do affects everyone, and we all mirror aspects of one another. Because we cannot do anything to another without doing it to ourselves first. In fourth line guidance we are guiding others remembering that they are offering us a reflection, and we are guiding as members, rather than leaders, of a community. So our guidance is just one aspect of the collective momentum. And it may or may not be in alignment with that collective momentum. Nevertheless, it’s an undeniable part of it. Virtue, in a 4th line setting, is the ability to surrender to the collective without giving up your individual vision. If your vision supports the expansion and evolution of life, one day it will draw supporters. But if, out of anger or fear, you try to force others to adopt your vision, it will only create more conflict in the world, as people rally to attack or defend it.

Fifth line guidance brings out the voice of the leader. But more the rebel leader… the one who is calling out to the underdogs, rallying the troops to break through the barriers of the Past into the expanse of the Future. Virtue here is what they taught me in Tae Kwon Do when I was 8 : Don’t envision your hand hitting the board, envision your hand having already gone through the board. 5th line Virtue doesn’t see itself colliding with the Opposition, it has already gone through, gone beyond, any Opposition. It has already arrived at wholeness. It is only within the leela of time that Opposition exists to be met and transcended. 5th line Virtue is the living embodiment of our Utopian future. It is Utopia Now! It is the Future that plunges relentlessly into the Past, tracking the Core Wound to its very roots…

Which brings us to the sixth line. For the sixth line, there is only One Guide. The One Guide. Like the center of the black hole, that draws all life into itself, even light. The One Guide is Death. Death is the only gateway to Life, and all life eventually leads back to Death. Death has always been there guiding us, telling us where not to go, what not to do. Because Death is Life. Life’s investment is to flourish, and Death’s objective is to clear away all that has served its purpose to Life. All that has blossomed and is now wilting away. It can be a kind of scary vision, as it’s rather impersonal. But if we can surrender to the guidance of Life and Death, we will always find ourselves walking into the Light. Into the pure light of unity and effortlessness. Of finding ourselves to be One with Life and Death, and experience this as the ultimate Virtue. The Virtue of Being Life and Death. This guidance is the watercourse way, it’s the Tao. “Life takes care of life,” as Mooji says. And death takes care of death! So what is there to do?

Between Division and Virtue, between Hell and Heaven, sits Guidance, the bridge for crossing currents, the tight-rope walker. Walking steadily into the future, she does not move. Dancing around all life’s challenges, she does not budge from her own integrity. Diving ever into the unknown, she is always arriving home. In the ever-evolving dynamic of the community, she knows that all is well. She invites us into ourselves. She heals all divisions. She gives us the ability to see with One Eye, through the veil of Maya.

And by the beat of her drum, everything of true beauty happens.


Scott & Nicole

Gene Keys: The Story of a Book

first, an auditory-musical creative contemplation, followed by a transcription

What are the Gene Keys?

What are the Gene Keys to me?

My friend reminded me of this old story. It’s a story about a book, a book that exists in between time and the timeless, a book that contains all the secrets of life. You know I’ve been reading about this book for a long time. In Sandman, Destiny carries the Book of Life. This book is the Zohar, where every letter is a story in itself. A sort of fractal maze of knowledge. The first book I ever read was the Neverending Story, where the book is a world in itself, and the reader’s imagination populates this Fantasia, his enthusiasm rescues this realm from the nothingness.

Or, it’s like the Dragon Scroll in Kung Fu Panda. I like that reference because I’m a dragon in the Chinese mythology. The dragon scroll that holds the ultimate secret, the key to mastering kung fu once and for all.

The Gene Keys is a book of keys. They are keys that open 64 doors, and once these doors are opened they can never again be closed. Because you are the Gene Keys. When you choose the red pill, you are choosing to know yourself. Isn’t this the great sin of Adam and Eve, that they chose to know themselves? Every myth not only contains some insight, it also holds a shadow perspective, an alternative interpretation that gets swept under the rug of history. There is the mainstream and there is the counterculture, and they have danced side by side throughout human history, which is nothing but a story that adapts itself to the reader.

There are so many myths of this mysterious tome that has been lost, or hidden, or destroyed. A text that will unlock the mysteries of knowledge and power. A book of shadows, a book of leaves, a book of secrets. But… isn’t there a great joke in the heart of the mystery? That it was an open secret all along, that the door was never locked?

The Gene Keys, to me, are a language. Just because you have named something doesn’t mean you know it. It goes on changing. And that’s the mystery, anything that can be named can take on new dimensions, new qualities, and bring new perspectives. Everything is a facet of the mystery of life. And life can’t be intellectually grasped. Life is a dance we must enter into completely, foolishly, lovingly, fearlessly. So many systems of thought and belief are like liferafts that limit us to the surface of things. Gene Keys is more like scuba gear that gives us the courage to plunge into the depths. And who knows what we’ll find there? And whatever is revealed, does it really lessen the mystery of it all?

But if we can’t know anything then what’s the use of a language? What is a language? When I use these words, how is it that you can understand me? And how can I know that you actually understand me, that the words don’t mean something different for you? And what is meaning, anyway?

Isn’t it such a mysterious thing, to feel understood by another person? Two people can solve a math problem and reach the same solution, but isn’t it much more profound to open your heart to another and feel that you are truly heard? Isn’t that the true mystery? The simple fact that we are sharing this common experience, and that language is an integral part of it? Some have even said that language and the world are inseperable, that the world is language and language is the world. In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God… and the WORD was God.

In the myth of Adam and Eve, when Adam learns the names of the animals he has power over them. When King Solomon learns the names of the demons he has power over them. And in society when we know someone’s name we can assign them praise or blame, we can give them a bank account and referrals, a resume and a history. Naming is about power. It’s about control.

Language is a magic that we human beings have mastered… or that has mastered us. Because it’s easy to be a victim of language. Language is a web, a web that can obscure simple and obvious truths. A scientist, for instance, may not have any use for a mystical experience. It doesn’t land in the scientific web. The experience might have great personal value but the objective language web doesn’t know what to do with it and leaves it behind. So we have to be careful with language. Language conditions us to see the world in a certain way and believe that it has been understood. If we don’t understand the mathematical and scientific language that has become dominant in our world, we may believe that we are incapable of understanding life. And so language has belittled us. Or if we are adept at understanding and wielding languages we may believe that we know all there is to know about life, and so language has robbed us of the wonder and awe that comes through not knowing. Language can be a tool or it can be a master who robs us of our inheritance.

So when I say the Gene Keys is a language I mean that the Gene Keys are a tool and a bridge but they are also an invitation into the wordless. This, to me, is the most beautiful language. Like the language of music, which doesn’t mean anything in and of itself but rises to the heights of human experience in the wordless transmission of harmony. Even mathematics has this wordless, conceptless inner essence for those who love logic and paradox.

And in the Gene Keys the whole world lives inside us. King Solomon’s demons live in our DNA, where they lurk and feed on every moment that we live life unaware, loveless and joylessly. And the animals in the Garden are the gifts that flourish in the paradise of an open heart. And even the angels are the exalted virtues that pour effortlessly from the ever-new slate of the awakened mind, the seat of silence that welcomes God, the lonely mountain peak that issues the most crystalline, refreshing water. The whole topography of creation resides within us, and as we open up and embrace this vastness the little separate self is seen as but a tiny cog in the great living intelligence that is our cosmic body, the universe itself.

What are the Gene Keys? The Gene Keys are whatever you make them. In the beginning you might see a book filled with words, and ideas that you can agree or disagree with. But in the end you will see a blank canvas, a set of brushes and colors that appears to be limited but which reveal their limitlessness through the creative joy of experimentation. So this is what the Gene Keys are to me.

What are they to you?


Gene Keys: an Introduction


Gene Keys Website

What are the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys are a contemporary spiritual transmission. They are a living wisdom that have the extraordinary capacity to transform your life.

The Gene Keys combine the wisdom of I Ching with our modern understanding of DNA to create a contemplative guide. This exquisite work brings together many divergent spiritual traditions and opens up new dimensions of scientific understanding. However, the Gene Keys are not really intended to deliver a comprehensive, logical understanding of how the world works. In many ways, the Gene Keys are an initiation into the vast mystery of existence.

The Gene Keys are a map of human consciousness. They describe three manifestations of consciousness: the shadow, the gift, and the siddhi. The shadow is made up of disallowed subconscious fears and desires that are either repressed and projected externally. The Gene Keys are an invitation to face our shadows and allow them to reveal their gifts, which is the journey of personal transformation. Through this process, we learn to open our hearts and share our creative genius with the world. This allows us to learn the true meaning of genius, love and prosperity.

The siddhic consciousness is that elusive enlightened state which so many strive for, but which the Gene Keys point to as the true, underlying nature of all states, unchanging and untainted.

The Art of Contemplation

The Gene Keys are also a doorway into the wonderful art of contemplation. Contemplation combines the focused effort and discipline of yoga with the effortless awareness of tantra. In contemplation, we train our minds on a concept or koan, and allow insights to unfold naturally, in their own time.

These insights are not just intellectual, but can be emotional and even deeply physical. These are contemplations that bring us back to the body, to our breath and our bones, and mutate the very quality of our awareness.

The Gene Keys are a slow, patient path of self-illumination. Gene Keys is a book! It is a tome of wisdom that encompasses and unites many disparate spiritual traditions into a golden braid of perennial wisdom. It is for all those who long to hold the keys of understanding, but find that every path they explore seems to leave something out, or feels like a limitation.


The Gene Keys recognize that the human spirit is boundless, and structures and paths are meant to empower us, not limit us with outdated dogma. Love goes on evolving, it goes on breaking its own rules and overstepping its own limitations. This is the playful and joyous journey that the Gene Keys invite us on! We are imbibing a wisdom that is coded into the very structure of reality, and we are making it our own by bringing our own unique spirit to it.

My Personal Journey

My own journey with the Gene Keys has spanned four years and has evolved in stages. At first I only had the book, and I got sucked into its insights, vision of the future and impeccable structure. It was incredible! I couldn’t believe its depth, scope, and also simplicity! Honestly, I was pretty mesmerized. I had always had this longing for a spiritual classic that wasn’t from Ancient China or biblical times, but written in a contemporary style and in plain English. Gene Keys delivered. This book became, very quickly, my “Bible.”

There are 64 separate “keys,” and I must have read each one several times. And slowly, the work faded into the background. Different things came into my life–farming, meditation, but the Gene Keys was always there as a supportive friend smiling on the sidelines.

About a year or two later, I finally found my own personal “hologenetic” profile (read more here). The Gene Keys came alive once again, as it took on a greater personal relevance. Now I knew my life’s work, my purpose, my spiritual intelligence and so on 😉

I was once again sucked into this magical journey of love, light, and laughter.

Another year went by, and the Gene Keys Golden Path was released. Richard Rudd, the creator of the Gene Keys, started a website elucidating the Gene Keys and offering an online program to lead people through their profile to understand the Gene Keys at a deeper level. This program has three components, addressing one’s creative genius, opening the heart, and unlocking prosperity.

There are lots of programs out there that claim to help one do these things, and lots of people are drawn to them based on what they resonate with. Gene Keys always appealed to me based on its succinct clarity. The truths found in the Gene Keys are immediate and apparent, and simple to practice. Many new things seem to have been triggered as I’ve explored this program. I fell in love, and now I am making the first steps to really put myself out there and understand my own personal meaning of prosperity and community.

My whole journey with the Gene Keys has been one of love. Something about it just spoke very deeply to me, and now I find myself devoted to sharing it with others. It brings me such a great joy, and there is a process of “embodiment” that happens as we share this wisdom. We become the wisdom. When we speak the truth, we become the truth. When we see the light in others, we become the light, we see it everywhere. It’s an incredible journey, one that I am immensely grateful for.

In Conclusion…

I hope you appreciate this sharing. The links in this article, in addition to providing further resources should you wish to explore the Gene Keys, are also affiliate links for me so that I can help support myself as I do the work I feel called to do. If you are inclined to purchase anything through the website, I would be immensely grateful if you used one of these links.

I am happy to help you explore this system further, if you are so inclined. If you have any questions or things you’d like to understand in greater depth, I am here for you. If you would like a taste of your profile to see if the Golden Path is something for you, I’d be happy to have a Skype interview with you. Just leave a comment and I’ll be in touch!

Thank you so much for reading, and if you enjoyed this article, please share it with others! Many blessings on your path 🙂


Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile

 The Hologenetic Profile


What is a “hologenetic” profile? It sounds complex, and at first sight it is a strange tangle of numbers, words and lines in some kind of strange geometric figure.

What this profile is, however, is a simple guide to help you understand yourself and your place in the world. It is similar to an astrological profile, except that it is expressed in a different language. The science behind it remains the same.

The profile has many bits and pieces to it, which makes it seem complex. However, after studying it for a while and slowly contemplating every element, you come to see the basic simplicity that is organizing all of this. Your profile is your invitation to live out your own personal archetype, your genius.

Some elements are universal to every profile. Every profile has a life’s work, an evolution, a radiance and a purpose. Every profile can be read at the “shadow” level–the level of unrealized potential, the “gift” level–the level of sharing yourself in creative service with the world, and the “siddhic” level–the level of awakening to the reality of unity, and seeing your own personality as one perfectly integrated fractal expression of the whole, which you are no longer separate from.

Other elements are unique to every profile. We each have different “keys,” which are analogous to the hexagrams of the I Ching or codons of the DNA, that are dominant in our profile. These keys allow us to see our own uniqueness and embody it fully, bringing life and light to those aspects of consciousness we are here to embody. It is a paradox–by fully embodying our individuality we begin to transcend it.


Does it really work?

In my experience, what you get out of any spiritual path is proportionate to what you put in. When I first discovered my profile, it really lit me up. It essentially told me that everything I loved, about life and myself, was my work, my radiance, my purpose. We are here to embody ourselves! It showed me very quickly which inauthentic patterns I was living out of fear, and which aspects of my authentic self I had covered up because I hadn’t accepted them as valid.

It’s another paradox–through the profile, having someone else tell me who I am, I suddenly found the freedom to be myself. So the profile is like any great spiritual path, when you follow it you don’t need it anymore. It’s just a bridge to get you to the other side, once you’ve crossed, you can forget about it. But what a bridge! I can guarantee there are few bridges you’ll enjoy crossing as much as this one 😀

Ultimately though, you’ll have to find out for yourself. You can learn more about the Gene Keys by reading my article, or by visiting the website. And if you’d like to see your profile, you can request it here.

If you would like me to give you a taste of what it all means and look at your profile with you, I would be happy to schedule a Skype session. Just let me know in the comments and I’ll be in touch!

I hope you appreciate this article and find yourself drawn into a new journey of awakening, fulfillment and bliss!


Gene Keys

What are the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys, to me, are 64 living, breathing friends.

warning: numerological tangent follows

64… what a beautiful number. It’s 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2. Two raised to the sixth power. Two is about doubling and two is also about dividing. And 6 + 4 = 10 and 1 + 0 is equal to 1. Look at it this way:

2 raised to the 0th power is 1.

2 raised to the 1st power is 2.

2 raised to the 2nd power is 4.

2 raised to the 3rd power is 8.

2 raised to the 4th power is 16, and 1 + 6 = 7.

2 raised to the 5th power is 32, and 3 + 2 = 5.

And 2 raised to the 6th power is 64, and 6 + 4 is 10 and 1 + 0 is 1.


When we double six times we’re back where we started, to 1. So 64 is a very important number, because this pattern of doubling and dividing is at the heart of nature. It’s how living systems grow and multiply.

We can take it the opposite direction too.

0 ) 2 / 2 = 1

1 ) 1 / 2 = .5

2 ) .5 / 2 = .25 and 2 + 5 = 7

3) .25 / 2 = .125 and 1 + 2 + 5 = 8

4) .125 / 2 = .0625 and 6 + 2 + 5 = 13 and 1 + 3 = 4

5) .0625 / 2 = .03125 and 3 + 1 + 2 + 5 = 11 and 1 + 1 = 2

6) .03125 / 2 = .015625 and 1 + 5 + 6 + 2 + 5 = 19 and 1 + 9 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1.

So in both directions when we get to 6 we’ve come back where we started. And let’s look at the two number sequences:

Doubling — 1 2 4 8 7 5 1 …

Dividing — 1 5 7 8 4 2 1 …

Notice that the two sequences are just inversions of one another… which makes sense, because doubling and halving are inverse operations. But why 6? Notice something else interesting: what 3 numbers are missing from the sequence above? There are 6 numbers present and 3 missing, out of 9 total digits. And the numbers that are missing are 3 , 6 , and 9. Actually they’re not missing, they’re just telling the story about the other numbers.

Okay, but what does any of this have to do with Gene Keys? Well, the Gene Keys are like life. You can’t just pry them open and expect all the answers to reveal themselves right away. You have to play with them, connect the dots, and once you’re done, start connecting them differently, because there’s a lot of images that can come out of a single series of dots.

6 is a beautiful number. It’s the number of carbon atoms in a carbon ring, which is one of the fundamental lego pieces of all life on this planet. And the DNA, the “God code” of all life, is based on these hexagrammatic rings. Why 6? There is something about the hexagram, its internal structure and the way it can be infinitely tesselated, that makes it ideal for building things. Like beehives.

beehive-picThe I Ching, one of the oldest spiritual texts known to mankind, was also based on this sytem of 64. In the I Ching there are 64 shapes known as hexagrams, made up of a series of six lines.

hexagram01.jpg.pagespeed.ce.YB3tEZ4CP1The lines can be either yang or yin, and in six combinations this leads to the same pattern we were looking at earlier: two possibilities raised to the sixth power.

The ancient Chinese believed that these 64 hexagrams were archetypal patterns that underpinned all of life, and that by understanding these hexagrams, and in particular the flow, the movement that existed between them, a person could come into a harmonious relationship with the rhythms of life–internal and external.

Now our modern science has confirmed that yes, all biological life is in fact governed by a language (DNA) written in 64 letters (codons). And why should this come as any surprise? It’s all about this rhythm of doubling and dividing, doubling and dividing, the simplest movements of life creating the path of least effort to arrange matter in patterns that are so simple in their boggling complexity.


So there is this code that governs all of life. Our modern scientific way of understanding this is based in an old paradigm, of the ‘detached observer.’ This is like the European scientist going into an indigenous tribe with paper, pencil and clipboard and saying, “Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just here to take notes.” And all of a sudden everyone is doing crazy stuff just to get the attention of the white guy with glasses.

So this is kind of how DNA has been understood. We’d like to quantify, codify and categorize the twisting patterns of DNA so we can manipulate and control, and get the world to be a little bit more the way it ought to be. DNA has been studied as something “out there,” that is very interesting and fascinating but doesn’t necessarily have direct existential relevance to how you do the dishes in the morning.

And it’s hard to see how they could! But the first very important point to enter into is that we are this pattern. Or perhaps a better way to put it is that everything that is experienced is an expression of this pattern. Who are we? What are we? In the scientific approach to understanding ourselves and our reality, there is this funny dialectic between “studying” and “controlling.” It’s assumed that to study something, you have to createcontrolled environment. You have to identify all the variables that could effect your experiment and try to control all of them. And then it’s assumed that whatever happens in the experiment is not being effected by you, the observer, because you’ve taken the variables into account. But how is this possible? After all, you’re the one controlling the variables, and you’re the one who has created the parameters of the experiment.

So this notion of the “detached observer” is first based on a division between the experimenter and the experiment and then attempts to erase this division by asserting that the experimenter does not influence the experiment.

hdthYes, so the Gene Keys open up the path to a new sort of science, where you become the primary field of inquiry.  After all, who are you? What are you? How can we answer any other question if we can’t even answer this question, that points closest to home?

And Gene Keys is about the art of contemplation, which also the art of listening. Listening is different from studying, because listening isn’t about creating experiments or controlling variables. Listening happens in the heat of life, in all its sloppy, messy, unpredictable uncontained-ness. Listening is about tuning in to the body. It’s about listening to the breath, to the sensations, to the flux of emotions that runs through our system. Listening is about openness.

You see, when you really listen to someone, you’re not trying to fix them. That’s sort of the scientific paradigm… you listen only as much as you need to to change the situation into what you’d like. That’s the “I hear you but I’m not listening.” But real listening is just about getting to the Truth, it’s about touching what’s real. So when you really listen to someone, it’s not that you’re taking in the information they’re expressing, categorizing and sorting it through the mental systems in your head, and then offering a solution or a True or False reading. You’re not a computer. True listening is just about connecting to what’s true.

Gene Keys…

Gene-Keys-book-coverYes, so the Gene Keys! The Gene Keys are a system of self-illumination that have been compiled and pleasantly presented by an English fellow by the name of Richard Rudd. The Gene Keys combine the insights of Human Design, the I Ching, and the weird world of quantum biology to present a “map of human consciousness.”

The Gene Keys also has an astrological component, a personal profile based on your time of birth, the movement of the celestial spheres in harmony with your passage from conception to birth. This profile gives you a compass to immerse yourself in the “map” through identifying with a part of the whole.

The 16th Gene Key, for instance, talks about Mastery, and how we come to acquire skills. At the shadow level, which is a low frequency vibration of our genetics leading to a limited perspective and expression of our life force, we remain indifferent in some way to life, and so we do not have the impetus to really cultivate our gifts.

This 16th Gene Key really reminds me of the parable of the talents, where God gives three men a single talent and asks them to “do me proud.” The first man goes out and spends the talent on a pint of ale. The second man goes way out into the desert and buries the talent where nobody will find it. And the third man uses the talent to buy some art supplies, sells his paintings, makes more talents, invests in some local charities, starts a non-profit, creates a business selling ecologically friendly fertilizer, and so on. The third man got the point.

So that’s what the 16th Gene Key is about. It’s about getting out of the grip of indifference and becoming versatile by just using your gifts. It’s about enthusiasm! It’s about love. But it also requires that you identify with your skills, because that’s what gives you the drive to perfect them. If you’re not identified with painting, you’re probably not going to push that skill to the point of bringing something crazy new and amazing into the world, that’s going to inspire others. And the whole point of developing your talents is that it spreads your natural enthusiasm to others. An enthusiastic world is a happy world! An enthusiastic world is one where people are coming up with creative solutions for problems that affect all of us.

So that’s the deal with the profile and the map. The profile is the identification, that leads you to master the map. And the map is life! It’s a wonderful thing to be a master painter, but to master life! Well, that’s a whole new domain altogether.


And it might sound self-obsessed, but it’s not. In the world of Gene Keys, the personal and transpersonal dimension are intimately woven together. As an awareness of your own genius detonates inside you, it will find its way to pour out of you for the world at large.

So, self-illumination?

Yes, so here we go jumping from maths to DNA to the art of listening and what do these Gene Keys and self-illumination and what?

So the Gene Keys, as they are presented, are a compendium of 64 master keys for life, guiding us through our shadows, into our gifts, into our very essence, which is termed the “siddhi.” This is about understanding life by understanding our own blocks and resistances which keep life from flowing through us in a great tidal wave of knowing.


The shadows are the raw material, the anger and fear that have driven human evolution for such a long time that most of the world just takes them for granted, or participates in them unconsciously. But as we learn to take responsibility for our own emotions and reactions, our shadows naturally begin to transmute into our gifts.

Our gifts are the creative expression of the raw energy of the shadows. Our gifts put us in service to the world, because as soon as we become aware of the energies moving inside us we can either sit with them and allow them to settle or channel them into the world in a way that is awakening and inspiring. The gift level is where we begin to see every shadow as a gift!

And the siddhic level is the level beyond words, where our awareness stops getting sucked into the outside world through our ideas and desires and instead turns on itself, resulting in a sort of nuclear meltdown where we are purged of our sense of separation from life. This is the great journey, the great experiment, the great illumination that the Gene Keys invite you on.


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